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613 Commandments
Hebrew bible
1. Prayer 3 x's daily w/ minion
2. Lessons in Mishna
3. Special services on sabbath & holidays
4. Ark, Bimah, candles, lamp, pulpit
The after life
1. Enternal spirit
2. Reunion w/ loved ones
3. Spirtual or physical resurrection
4.OLAM-HA-VA (world to come)
5. Ganeden (purely righteous, spiritual prison)
6.Gehinnon (12 Mon limbo)
Right practice
The life cycles
1. Birth: naming circumcison, & redemption of 1st born
2. Bar/Bat mitzvah in confirmation
3. marriage/ divorce
4. Death: Holy society/mourning
5. After life
Rosh Hashanah
1. Jewish new year
2. Day of rememberance & birthday of new year
3. Begins w/ blowing of Shofar
4. Judgement period
5. Apple dipped in honey, carrot, squash
Yom Kippur
1. Day of atonement
2. Last day of Rosh Hashanah
3. Most solemn day of year
4. Penance, sacrifice, self discipline, focus
1. Feast of the tabernacle
2. 7 day fall festival
3. Commemorates exile, return, & Ezras reading of
the Torah & great awakening
4. Building of the Sukkah is primary focus
5. Symbolic link to agriculture
6. Rememberance of the Diaspora
1. Festival of lights
2. Rededication of temple (#2)in Jerusalem
3. Major festival in 19th century
4. Takes place in home
1. Lots: story of Esther
2. Jewish mardi Gras
3. Reflecion on duties toward community
4. Book of Esther read
1. Sabbath & Commanded by God
2. Symbolic of new beginings
3. Holy day of rest (no creating)
4. Friday sun down - Sat sun down
5. Begins w/ lighting of candles & ritual meal
Passover (Pesakh)
1. Commemorates historical passover & Exodus from Egypt
2. Celebrated by the Seder