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What is the mission of Army of JROTC?
to motivate young people to become better citizens
Define leadership
the ability to lead, influence, or guide others to accomplish a mission
What is introspection?
self examination, contemplating your thoughts or feelings for deeper understanding
T OR F. Thanks to your physical education classes, your fitness has improved in the last ten years?
What is a continent?
Any of the seven large masses of the planet
What is a preamble?
An introductory statement that explains the purpose or intention of a document
In your LET texts, what will the Leadership Theory and Application teach you?
how to be a leader, and influence others while leading them and what to do while you are leading
In leadership,_________ gives other reasons for why they should do something?
Name the four steps in self discovery process?
Introspection, observation, giving and receiving feedback and using assesment tools
Name the four types of exercise?
aerobic, anaerobic, isometric, isotonic