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What are the three pillars of FHP.
Healthy and fit force, casualty prevention,
and casualty care management.
Which phase of casulty care management is the urgent initial surgery required to
render a patient stabilized enough to withstand
further movement to the next level of care.
Phase 2 casulty care management.
Care Outside the Theater.
Care that is provided outside the theater may
include convalescent, restorative, and
rehabilitative services and normally is
provided by military, Department of Veteran
Affairs, CONUS civilian hospitals, and
commander in chief (CINC)-approved safe
Phase 5 casulty care management.
Theater Hospitalization.
Theater hospitals will provide essential care
to patients and prepare those who require
higher care for evacuation out of theater.
Phase 3 casulty care management.
En Route Care. En route
care involves the medical treatment of
A corpsman provides medical care.
patients during movement.
Phase 4
Which phase consist of the first responder?
Phase 1