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depart secretly and hide, especially to avoid prosecution
Fearing the accused criminal would abscond, the judge set a very high bail.
assumed name

The author did not want people to know she was female so she wrote using an alias.
supplied or written by one whose name is not known

Her admirer chose to remain anonymous and did not sign the card.
safe place for hiding and storing treasures or supplies

This is a poor hiding place for our valuables. I know a better cache.
false, deliberately made-up story

The article was exposed as a canard since the story was not true.
collusion (Noun)
secret agreement for a deceitful purpose

All of the students claimed I did not give them their assignment; they seemed to be acting in collusion.
swindle, after first gaining confidence of the victim, trick

She is crafty. Don't let her con you into anything.
connive (verb)
cooperate secretly with someone for a deceitful purpose

Jane suspects that some of her so-called friends may connive with her opponent to defeat her in the school election.
covered over, secret

All of our actions are in the open, we do not deal in covert activities.
mysterious, having a hidden meaning

We devised a cryptic message so no one else would understand it.
hypocritical deception

She pretended to be my friend but I discovered her duplicity when I heard her gossiping about me behind my back.
false front, artificial appearance

Behind her facade of honesty, you will find a crooked person.

The students feigned interest in the lecture but they were really quite bored.
pretend to be some other person

He impersonated a police officer in order to get into her house.
lying in wait to entrap, treacherous

The enemy is insidious and will probably attempt an ambush.
present but not visible

The teacher recognized Sue's latent artistic talent and encouraged her to develop it.
pretend to be ill to avoid work

The student malingered so he could avoid school on the day of the test.
condition of being in a place that is hard to reach

After the accident, she went into seclusion and would not leave her home.
induce someone to testify falsely

I will not allow them to suborn me since it is against the law to commit perjury.
trick or plan to conceal one's true objective

Trojan horse is a famous act of subterfuge that allowed the Greeks to secretly enter Troy.