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political function
watch dog of the government "checks and balances"
economic function
tells info on goods or consumers through articles or ad's
sentry function
predicts problems of the future our society and culture
record-keeping function
scrapbook of all the events of time from weather to sports to news
human interest storys, features storys, comics, movie and music reviews
social function
when journalism causes socialing when ppl interact and sicuss big news
a place for the public to air opinions and open forum to generate support for the issue (letter to the editor)
agenda setting
when reporters find issue and write a series of articles in order to set an angenda of info for us to think about.
determing rights vs. wrong behavior
composit character
when you take characteristics of several source and creating one fictional quoted source based on that one person
the ability to be believed and trusted part of the big 3 in ethics
being 100 percent correct 100 percent of the time *party of the big 3 in ethics*
the state of mind that journalist acquire to make them fair, neutrail observers of events (no opinion in news story) part of the big 3 in ethics
good taste
avoiding sensationalism or explicit material and considering your audeince
right of reply
gettin everyone involved in a story a chance for comment in the same story
fairness to all
applying the same standard to different races, religion and gender
never ever copy anything
identify where the info came from by saying "according to" or using a direct quote
never speculte or guess teh truth- varify info
false criticsm, written or printed
spoken false criticism
if u prove it w/ evidence you can get off
you can print anything spoken or written
fair comment
opinions and review of a creative piece is safe
admission of error
publish a prompt correction that shows its motive was clear
when somebody cuts something from publication b/c they dont agree with it
tinker vs des moines
1969 students won
in loco parentis
in place of the parents
hazelwood vs. hawkins
forum theory
when a school newspaper was declared freely
forum theory
when a school newspaper was declared freely