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Describe the Times v. Sullivan case
black protestors fighting for humane rights creates an ad in the New York Times stating that Sullivan, controlling all police events, had acted racist toward them. (ex. locking student protestors so they couldn't eat at school, and etc.)
Describe Gertz v. Welch
Gertz sues Welch for placing untrue facts about him in the American Opinion magazine saying that Gertz was a communits and was associated wiht a man who shot a boy. Gertz won
Describe Hazelwood v. Kulmeier
Hazelwood High School's newspaper writes about divorce and pregnant teens but is rejected by the principal. Kulhmeier wins.
Sidis v. F.R Publishing
genius who went to Harvaard at 16 years old becomes a clerk. Written in a NY magazine saying "where are they now? april fool" Sidis sues but loses becuase he has been a public figure
What is the 1st Amendment
-freedom of speech
-freedom of press
-freedom to petition the government
-freedom of religion
What are the functions of the press?
-economic functions
-watchdog role
-sentry functions
-record keeping functions
-agenda setting -
What is the watchdog role?
where the media follows and covers in detail of activities the overnment might not want us to know
What is the economic function of the press?
where it talks about services, business, products
What is the sentry function?
where the press keeps there eye on the future
What is the social function?
word of mouth, email, face to face
What is the agenda setting
where they choose how they'll cover a topic ("if they talk about it, we will too!")
What is the record function?
where news gets recorded for historical preferences and etc.
What is the Journalism Code of Ethics contain?
-good taste
-no plagiarism
-objective (facts)
In "All the Presidents Men", who are the two reporters?
Woodward and Bernstein
What are the two journalists trying to figure out?
who was behind the watergate scandal
name the burglars that broke into the hotel?
McCore, Gonzales, Martinez, Stargus, Barker
What is the difference between libel and slander?
libal = written
slander = mout to mouth / oraly said
What is the fault for libel?
when the writer writes with malice and disregards to the truth
What are the defenses for libel?
2.) if it can be proven in court
3.) written documents
4.) retraction - telling readers that it was a mistake
5.) is the person a public figure?
6.) public records
What does PIDF stand for?
What are the four ways of invading privacy?
*false light - placing person in a false light of public
*intrusion - physically and quoting without consent
*appropriation - using name or photo without consent
*embarrasing info - private facts of oneself
What are the 3 defenses of invasion?
1. written consent
2. subject is news worthy
3. public official;public figure
how long does an author's copyright last?
the authors life + 70 years
How long does a copyright for hire last? (newspaper column)
95 years since publishment
TRUE OR FALSE: parts of poetry, lyrics may be used
What does copyright not affect?
titles, phrases, work of government
Name the 10 different kinds of features
1. human interest
2. oddities
3. personal profile
4. personal achievement
5. social issues
6. behind the scenes
8. sports
9. informitive
10. jobs, career, etc.
What are the 8 novelty leads?
descriptive lead
leading question
direct statement of main idea
direct quotation
auditory appeal
what are the two main ways of sports features?
1. precoverage - whats gonna happen
2. follow-ups - results
what is malice?
intentional damage
What is the major point in student journalism code?
provides student journalists attending California public high schools with added protection against administrative censorship. Includes freedom of speech and of the press. publications that are obsecene, libelous, or slanderous will be erased
Name the 5 people who were in the "group" in the Watergate Scandal
McGruder, Stanz, Mitchell, Klendal, Holloman