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What 3 joints are involved in movement of the pectoral girdle?
1. Sternoclavicular
2. Acromioclavicular
3. Glenohumeral
What is scapulohumeral rythm?
The 2:1 ratio of shoulder rotation shared by glenohumeral and scapulothoracic joints.
What type of joint is the sternoclavicular joint?
Saddle (synovial)
What separates the SC joint into 2 compartments?
Articular disc
How is the sternum attached to the clavicle?
Via ant/post sternoclavicular ligaments, & an interclavicular ligament.
What type of joint is the AC joint?
(acromioclavicular) - a plane joint (synovial)
Does the acromioclavicular joint gain its strength from the acromioclavicular ligament?
No; strength comes from extrinsic ligaments - CC and CA
What ligaments strengthen the acromioclavicular joint?
What does the coracoclavicular ligament consist of?
-Conoid ligament
-Trapezoid ligament
What does the CC ligament connect?
Coracoid process on scapula + clavicle
So what ligament primarily stabilizes the AC joint?
The coracoclavicular ligament.
What happens when the shoulder gets separated severely?
Both AC and CC ligaments severe;
-Shoulder drops
-Clavicle elevates
What type of joint is the glenohumeral?
How much of the humerus head is in the actual joint?
1/3; allowed by glenoid labrum.
What keeps the glenohumeral joint together?
the rotator cuff
what is the rotator cuff?
Subscapularis = front
Supraspinatus = top
Infraspinatus = back
Teres minor = lower back
What strenghtens the glenohumeral joint:
Anterior: glenohumeral ligaments
Superior: coracohumeral ligaments
What type of joint is the elbow?
What type of joint is the proximal radioulnar?
What ligament holds the radius and ulna together proximally?
Anular ligament - completely encircles the radius to allow rotation.
What unites the radius and ulna distally?
"triangular" articular disc
How do subluxation and dislocation differ?
Subluxation = pulling e.g. the radius out of the anular ligament.
Dislocation = moving it out of alignment.
What type of joint is the wrist?
Condyloid synovial joint
What bones participate in the wrist joint?
-Radius (and articular disc)
-Proximal carpal bones (except pisiform)
What is the pisiform in terms of type?
Sesamoid - a lever for the FCU
What proximal bones participate in the wrist joint?
Scaffoid, Lunate, Triquetrum.
What are the 4 ligaments of the wrist?
-Dorsal radiocarpal ligaments
-Palmar radiocarpal ligaments
-Ulnar collateral ligament
-Radial collateral ligament
What is the function of the dorsal/palmar rc ligaments?
So the hand follows the wrist during pronation/supination respectively.
What does the ulnar collateral ligament connect?
-Ulnar styloid process
What does the radial collateral ligament connect?
-Radial styloid process
What do the RC ligaments connect?
the 2 rows of carpal bones w/ the radius.