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Terrorism has become a phenomenon to society due to the excessive amount of what?
Media Coverage
What method of terrorism is less dramatic than most tactics and has the advantage of low risk to the prepertrator and requires only a low level of technical knowledge?
What common terrorist tactic usually involves a building or objects that has value in the eyes of the audience?
What is the terrorist's weapon of choice when choosing bombing as a tactic?
Improvised Explosive Device
What terorist tactic is as an overt seizure of one or more individuals with the intent of gaining publicity or other concessions in return for the release of the individuals?
Hostage Taking
In which of the following ways are terrorist groups categorized?
Government Affiliation
By demonstrating how vulnerable society is to terorist actions, is usually the objective in what type of common terrorist tactic?
Terrorist using technology may find what as a effective means to reach a captive audience?
Power Outages
All of the follwoing are commercially available technologies that can dramatidally enhance terrorist operations capability, EXCEPT:
Anti-Tank Weapons
What is a key measure to improving antiterrorism awareness and preparedness?
Effective Data Dissemination
What type of terrorist group operates autonomously, receiving no significant support from any government?
Non-State Supported
What type of terrorist group operates as an agent of a government, receiving substantial intelligence, logistic, and operation support from the sponsoring government?
State Directed
Larger terrorist groups, of how many members or more normally have a central command ad controll element with one or more subordinate elements?
Terrorist groups often times structure themselves in a manner similar to what types of organizations?
Which of the following is not part of the structure pyramid for terrorist organizations?
Non-Active Members
What type of terrorist believes that they have some special mandate from a deity and are normally the ones driving the truck bomb?
Emotionally Disturbed
What type of terrorist are ideologically inspierd individuals or group and believe that their cause is so noble or worthy that is may be promoted, including the use of terror?
ONe reason that some terrorist groups target the United States and it's citizens is what?
Ideological Differences