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majority rule
elected representatives vote for law acceptable for the majority
enforcable rules of conduct in society
the capacity to do what is right, even in the face of temptation
civil disobedience
an open, peaceful, violation of law to protest its alleged injustice
-the idea that the same ethical standards are applied to everyone
-wrong for me is wrong for you
Consequence Based Reasoning and Steps
-1st look for alternative ways to alter the current situation
-then forcast the consequences from the alternatives
-evaluates consequences to select the alternative that will produce the greatest good
Fundamental Ethical Rules
-the acts themself are judged as right or wrong
-comes from human reasoning or central authority
-if you envision everyone doing a particular action
-rule based
people who do not respect the laws
fidelity bond
an insurance policy that pays the employer money in case of theft by employees
The Good
-selecting the standard for judging consequences as right or wrong
-involves alternative basic goals such as love, justice, truth, and pleasure
-based solely on reason
ethical decisions are...
profit maximization
ethical and humane situations of the people involved
Majority rule is not always _______.
Ethical decision/dilemma
affect you and/or others in a significant way
Example of an ethical decision/delima
blue jeans vs. life support
consequential ethics
goes along with majority rule
part of rule-based reasoning; "benchmark"
"Irrational, illogical, self-defeating."