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Take off
Take the weight off the nose, maintain center line, rotate at 55, climb straight at 65
At the blue building:
Exact 15 degree turn toward fashion island, climb at 65 knots. Maintain fashion island heading.
Enter the crosswind of the pattern at:
500 Feet. Level wings and look for traffic. Continue to climb at 65 knots
Entering the downwind:
Continue to climb to 850 feet and power back to 4,000 rpm at 800 feet!. Below 70 knots, first set of flaps. CARB HEAT. Cruise at 67 with 10 degrees of flaps at 850 feet
Down wind, abeam of the numbers:
Power down to 3,500 rpm
Don't descend, stay at 850
Carb Heat On
67 knots
2nd set of flaps
Do not descend out of 850 until over 405
65 knots
Take some power out
Let the nose come down
Clear extended final
Wings level, 3rd set of flaps
Let the nose come down
60 - 65 knots
Vasi bar (red over white)
Let the nose come down
Little power once over 405
Power off
Focus on center line