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onion soup gratinee made of
beef and chicken stock, crouton, cheese, mozz on botom swiss on top
joe's new england clam chowder made of
salt, porkfat, onions, celery, seasoning, sauteed clams, flour, clam broth, milk, cream, potatoes
fresh mixed garden salad, choice of dressing?
house creamy italian. creamy peppercorn. raspberry vinaigrette. honey mustard. blue cheese. balsamic vinaigrette.
joe's chopped salad includes
iceberg + romaine + boston lettuce, bacon, blue cheese, tomateoes, raidhses, black olives, onions, dijon vinaigrette
beefsteak tomato and blue cheese also has
purple onions and bals vinaig
honey mustard chicken salad has
grilled chicken, sesame angel hair pasta, greens, wonton, honey mustard dressing
roasted chicken and wild greens
chicken greens, romain, walnuts, raspberry vinaig
asian chicken salad
greens, tortilla strips, carrots, roasted chicken, honey lime viagrette and peanut sauce