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Interpretation of Correlation
•Values range from 0 (no relationship) to T or – 1.0 (perfect relationship)

•Closer to 0 is weaker closer to 1 is stronger or higher

•R2 is a measure of % variance explained

•Statistical significance of r- tells you if the correlation is statistically different from Zero
•Chi Square (Indicators)
Percentage, Proportion, or Count
T-Test (Indicators)
Two Means
ANOVA (Indicators)
More than Two Means
Statistically Significant (Indicator)
Multiple Regression (Indicator)
Lists of Predictor Variables
Give Conceptual and Operational Definition

a.Violent Offender
b.Adequate Jail Diet
c.Criminal History
Abusive Spouses
Has your spouse ever hit you

b.Meal Nutrition Value
Amount of trans fat per meal

c.Juvenile Drug Offenders
Number of juveniles that have multiple arrest for drug offenses
Describe an example of the two types of reliability
Stability- Police officer standing on the street guessing the speed of cars that passes by and issuing tickets based on that judgment

Consistency- Police officer using a radar gun to detect if drivers are speeding before issuing a ticket
3 measures for central tendency

Mean (most affected by extreme scores)