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What is SECNAVINST 5720.44A?
Department of the Navy Public Affairs Policy and Regulations
What does N-1 contain?
(N-l), intelligence
A joint staff, comprised of personnel from more than one service, uses what letter?
What are some of the functions performed by all sections of the PA staff in their daily activities?
• To provide advice and information
• To develop plans
• To organize resources
• To achieve coordination
• To make recommendations and decisions
• To prepare and transmit directives
• To maintain control through supervision
True/False. It is important to anticipate the needs of the commander and the command?
Every public affairs office
generates several print and video products, what are some of them?
Welcome aboard brochures, command presentations,
CO, XO, and C/MC biographies and official
photographs, fact sheets, briefings, familygrams,
The Navy internal audience is broken down into five
primary divisions name name them.
• Active-duty Navy personnel
• Family members of active-duty Navy personnel
• Naval Reserve personnel and families
• Navy civilian employees
• Navy retirees and families
What is is a daily web-based newspaper that features
current Navy news stories from the Navy News Service
and from operating units around the fleet.
What is is NMC’s premiere publication. Approximately 87,000 copies are distributed
worldwide every month, with an intended 1:7 copy to reader ratio
The Navy Editor Service (NES) is a monthly package of original articles, fillers, camera-ready graphics and photographs designed for reprinting in
Navy newspapers
What newsletter containes educational and informational articles and feature stories of special interest to spouses and families.
Navy Family Lifeline
Training is most effective when it is held when?
Same day and time each week
How do you deal with constant ringing of the telephones and visitors who wander into the office to conduct business during training?
(1) turn on the
answering machine for the duration of your training
session (be sure to return all telephone calls) or
assign one of your staff members to answer the
telephones and greet visitors.
True/False. Low and mid-level employees are a good
source of basic information.
The order the various parts of the letter are arranged in should be planned with who in mind?
The reader
What is chronological order?
The order used for narrating events and for explaining steps in a process
True/ False You should research the CO’s personal views on the subject in question and his
association with the addressee when you draft correspondence.
What are the four precedence categories for a Naval message?
What is the highest precedence normally authorized for
administrative messages?
Precedence prosign O is reserved for messages relating to situations that gravely affect the national forces or populace and that require immediate delivery.
Naval message precedence prosign Z is reserved for initial enemy contact reports or operational combat messages of extreme urgency and speed of service objective is as fast as possible with an objective of less than 10 minutes.
What are some of the incidents that warrant the preparation of a unit situation report (SITREP)?
A sailor is lost at sea. . . two jets collide while
taxiing on an aircraft carrier’s flight deck . . . an
accident aboard a naval station results in the loss of
hundreds of dollars worth of equipment...
A unit SITREP is transmitted within how many minutes of knowledge of an event or incident under the following conditions?
A copy of each day’s clips should be forward to who?
CO, XO, C/MC and department heads for review
How should you answer an
offical telephone call?
identifying your office and yourself.
Who is acting as the overall coordinator for a ships commissioning?
Press kits for a commissioning ceremony should include what?
• CO’s biography
• XO’s biography
• C/MC’s biography
• Color and black-and-white photos (8 by 10 and 5
by 7) of the CO, XO and C/MC
• Line art of ship’s seal/logo
• Color photo of the ship’s seal/logo
• Welcome aboard booklet
• Fact sheet
• Description of the ship’s coat of arms
• Background information on the ship’s name (for
example: USS Benjamin Stoddert is named after
the first Secretary of the Navy. . .)