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What was the most expensive film ever made?
Titanic (costed more than $300 Million)
What is Louis Daguerre associated with?
invented photographic process that used metal as the base
What is Thomas Edison associated with?
He invented the Vitascope in 1889.
What is William Dickinson associated with?
he was Edison's assistant, invented the kinetoscope.
What was the first film to tell a story?
Edwin Porter's "The Great Train Robbery"
What is D. W. Griffith known for?
"Birth of a Nation" 1914-15 classic. known as "the father of films" from Louisville.
The Black Response to "Birth of a Nation" was created by whom? and, what was it called?
created by George and Noble Johnson, called "Realization of a Negro's Ambition"
What was the first documentary?
"Nanook of the North" 1922
What did the Motion Picture Patents Co. (MPPC) do?
gave studios complete control
In what film did the first dialogue appear?
"Jazz Singer" 1927
What did the star system do?
helped form United Artists
Who was Mary Pickford?
America's Sweetheart
What was Charlie Chaplin known as?
Little Tramp
What is William S. Hart known as being?
first film cowboy
Who was the first Romantic Lead?
Rudolph Valentino ("The Sheik") 1921
What is known as the golden year for motion pictures?
What is Orson Wells known for? Also, it is voted as the best movie of all time.
"Citizen Kane"
In 1948-50, what does the Justice Department rule? What did the companies choose to sell?
that movie companies could not have a monopoly and said they had to sell part of the industry. Sold the movie houses.
Who was Ida Lupino?
pioneer woman TV director
In what year was the TV introduced at the World's Fair?
What are several gimmicks the movie industry used?
3-D, smellovision, drive-ins, epics, dolby sound.
What is an "epic" movie?
one based on the Bible or literature.
What is the rating system?
G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17
What are the three sections of the film industry?
production, distribution, and exhibition
What is a rough idea or outline called?
a property
What does the producer do?
comes up with the money to make the movie
What is a gaffer?
chief lighting technician
What is a grip?
tool used to move lights
What is the best boy?
assistand to the director
What is the main trade publication in the film industry?
What is P-P-V?
pay per view
what is VOD?
video on demand
what is HDTV?
high definition television
Although tv was introduced in 1939, what was the commercial breakthrough year?
Who was Milton Berle?
first star of tv, went from vaudville to tv
What did Dr. Vladmir Zworkin invent?
the all-electric TV tube, 1923
What did Philo Farmsworth invent?
the electronic camera
What did Allen B. Dumont do?
had a tv network, one of the first
What did the FCC do?
it had a four year freeze
what does VHF stand for, and what channels did it include?
very high frequency, channels 2-13. these were the good stations
what does UHF stand for, and what channels did it include?
ultra high frequency, channels 14-83
What did Freida Hencock do?
set aside channels for educational use. channels 8 and 9.
What are "oaters"? give some examples
oaters are westerns (horses eat oats) Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Bonanza
what does LPTV stand for?
low power tv
what does DBS stand for?
digital broadcast satellite
what does scrambling do?
scrambles signal so others can't pick it up
what did the Telecommunications Act of 1996 do?
introduced ratings for tv, V-chip
What is prime time for tv?
7-10 central, 8-11 eastern
what does ADI stand for?
area of dominant influence
what does DMA stand for?
designated marketing area
What are the three sources of programming, and give examples if possible
local production (news, talk, sports) syndication (network show re-runs) and network programs
One can own as many tv stations as it wants, as long as it doesn't reach what percentage of the US population?
not more than 50%
what does CATV stand for?
community antenna tv, known as cable
what are the three parts of a cable company?
head end, distribution system, and house drop
what does MSO stand for?
multiple system owner (such as AT&T, AOL/Time Warner, Charter Comm.)
What are superstations?
stations that bounced off satellites to get greater coverage-WGN, WTBS
What are carriage fees?
such as 4 cents a subscriber, fee the company makes
what are tiers?
levels of programs you can buy (basic, gold, etc.)
What is the biggest video rental company?
what is AC Neilsen?
main ratings company for tv
what is the main ratings company for radio?
what is Rating?
one percent of the households watching a program out of all the tv households
what is Share?
one percent of the households watching a program out of all the households using TV
what is HUTS?
households using tv
what are sweeps?
quarterly ratings
Who was Newton Minnow?
Chairman of FCC, stated that tv is a "vast wasteland"
what is the information highway, and who supposedly coined the phase?
makes the consumer the gatekeeper to seek info, really is a toll road b/c it is not free. Al Gore
what is Blaise Pascal known for?
an adding machine that would go up to 1 billion
what is Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz known for?
came up with the binary system
what is Herman Hollerith known for?
punch card and electrical circuits, started IBM
what is Howard Aiken known for?
made the first computer that was digital with the binary system
what happened in the late 1970's?
the personal computer (PC) came on the scene. Apple the first.
what is a modem?
from modulate to demodulate, enables computers to talk to each other
what are LANS?
local area networks
what are the two ways to gain access to the net?
1)internet service provider (ISP) or 2) commercial online service, such as AOL or MSN
what is spam?
electronic equivalent to junk mail
what is the main ethical issue?
invasion of privacy
what are three ways to make money on the net?
1. create a site that people will pay to see/read. 2. sell merchandise online 3. sell ads by banners or pop ups
what is broadband?
internet transmission channels, 30 to 60 times faster than modem
what is e-commerce?
sells goods/services online
what is B2B?
business to business
what are the five qualities of news?
timeliness, proximity, prominence, consequence, and human interest
what is the lead?
the gist of the story
what is b-roll?
background stock film
what is AP?
associated press, is a cooperative
what is UPI?
united press international, has clients
what is the british service?
what is a stringer?
freelance writer
what is a mandatory kill?
where you have to drop a story due to threat of libel
what is a bulletin?
important news story...not sure
what is embargo?
places a restriction on when to run a story
what is important about the Roper survey?
found that people say that tv is most named as source for news, followed by newspapers. for local news, newspapers first, then radio. tv said to be most believeable
what does ENG stand for?
electronic news gathering
what does CAR stand for?
computer assisted reporting
what is a backpack journalist?
digital moble reporter
what is pool coverage?
in times of crisis, a representative few of the media cover the story and share info with rest of media
what is public relations?
do good and tell about it
what is the difference between advertising and publicity?
you have to pay for advertising
what are the two types of publics?
internal and external
what is Carl Byoir known for?
first of the big PR agencies
what is Ivy Lee known for?
father of PR
what is George Creel known for?
set up model information program
what is Edward Bernays known for?
wrote first book on PR
what does the Public Relations Society of America do?
abbreviated as PRSA, accredits professionals
what does PRSSA stand for?
public relations student society of america
what are some major areas of PR?
government, business, education, hospitals, non-profit organizations, professional associations, entertainment/sports
what percent of companies have an in-house PR department?
what is the most important of the four steps?
what is MBO?
management by objective
what is VNR?
video news release
what is PR online?
PR Newswire