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Wireless Ship Act of 1910
passed in response to teh two ship that collided. The Florida and the Republic. It requires that all ships have radios on them for emergency purposes.
Radio Act of 1912
passed in response to the sinking of the Titantic. Required:

1. all radio operators must be licensed.
2. Stations has to adhear to specific frequencies allocated by the government
3. Distress calls would take priority over any other form of comm
4. Put radio under the Department of Commerce
Radio Act of 1927
passed in response to various problems with the radio

interference was the biggest problem

Declared that radio or broadcasting was deemed to operate for the public convenience, interest, or necessity.
What did the Radio Act of 1927 create?
The Federal Radio Commission

Communication Act of 1934
passed to centralize the control of radio and dissolve the FRC.
What did the comm act of 1934 establish?

The Federal Communcation Commission

Includes Radio, Tv, and all other media
What rationale does the government come to
That there is scarcity.
What is scarcity
limited amount of space on the broadcast spectrum
Telecommuncating Act of 1996
first major overhall of comm law since 1934
What happened with the radio
allowed ownership for up to 8 total stations in one market - like a city
What happened with TV?
there is no set limit on TV stations you can have but you can only have 35% of your stations in national homes.
Did you license year change?
yes, to 8 years.