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How does digoxin work?
I Na/K ATPase which I Na/Ca exchanger which inc Ca
What is digoxin used for?
CHF, a Fib
What are some side effects of Digoxin?
inc PR, dec QT, scooping St seg, T was inversion, blurry yellow vision, arrhythmias
What causes blurry yellow vision?
digoxin toxicity
What is the antedote to digoxin?
nl K, lidocaine, cardiac pacer, anti-Dig Fab fragments
How do nitroglycerin work?
inc NO, inc cGMP, inc SMC relaxation
What are the ADR of nitroglycerin?
tachy, HoTN, flushing, HA
How can you reduce myocardial O2 comsumption?
dec EDV, BP, HR, contractility, ejection time
How do beta-blockers dec MVO2?
dec BP, dec contractility, HR
How do nitrates dec MVO2?
dec EDV, Dec ejection time
How does hydralazine work?
inc cGMP, inc SMC relaxation
What dec afterload?
What dec preload?
What is the DOC for HTN in pregnancy?
What are the uses of hydralazine?
severe HTN, CHF, HTN during pregnancy
What are the ADR of hydralazine?
compens tachy, fluid retention, lupus-like syndrome
What are the three Ca Channel blockers?
verapamil, diltiazem, nifedipine
How do Ca Channel blockers work?
blocks voltage gated Ca Channels, dec contractility
Which Ca channel Blocker works best on vascular sm muscle?
Which Ca channel blocker is not used for arrhythmias?
Which is Ca channel blockers works best for arrhythmia?
What really dec TG?
What inc HDLs?
What does procainamide cause?
SLE like syndrome
What do Class IA do to AP, ERP, QT?
inc them
What do class IB antiarrhythmics due to AP?
What are the class IB antiarrhythmics?
lidocaine, mexiletine, tocanimde
WHat do you use to treat acute vent tachy or dig induced?
class IB antiarrhythmics
What do you use for V tach that progress to VF and intractable SVT?
Class IC
What are the class IC durgs?
flecainide, encainide, propafenone
Which class I antiarrhythmics are contraindicated after MI?
Class IC, flecainide, propafenone, encainide
What are the class II antiarrhythmics?
propranolol, esmolol, metoprolol, atenolol, timolol..B blockers
What are the class III antiarrhythmics?
sotalol, ibutilide, bretylium, amiodarone
How do class III antiarrhythmics work?
K channel blockers
Which beta blocker can cause dyslipidenmia?
When do you use Class III antiarrhythmics?
when all other fail
What do you have to check in a pt taking amiodarone?
What are the ADR of sotalol?
torsades, excessive Beta block
What are the ADR of bertylium?
What are the ADR of amiodarone?
lung fibrosis, hepatotoxicity, hyper/hypothyroid
What is the DOC for dx and abolishing AV nodal arrhythmias?
When is K used as an antiarrhythmic?
depress ectopic PM, dig toxicity
When is Mg used as an antiarrhythmic?
Torsades and dig