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When are infant deprivation effects permenant?
after 6 months
What is anaclitic depression?
depression in an infant owing to continued separation from caregiver
What disorder is characterized by hand wringing?
Rett Disorder
What happens to NT in anxiety?
NE inc, dec GABA, dec 5-HT
What happens to NT in depression?
Dec NE and 5-HT
What NT is changed in Alzheimer?
dec ACh
What NT are changed in Huntington's?
dec GABA, dec Ach
What NT are changed in schizophrenia?
inc DA
What is changed in Parkinson's?
dec DA
What is anosognosia?
unaware that one is ill
What is autotopagnosia?
unable to locate one's own body
What is depersonalization?
body seems unreal or dissociated
What is the first part of orientation lost?
What is the second part of orientation lost?
What is the third part of orientation lost?
What is a hallucination?
perceptions in the abs of external stimuli
What is an illusion?
misinterpretation of actual external stimuli
What is a delusion?
false beliefs not shared with other members of culture/subculture that are firmly maintained in spite of obvious proof to the contrary
What is a loose association?
disorders in the form of thought
Who normally gets visual and auditory hallucinations?
Who get olfactory hallucinations?
pt with psychomotor epilepsy
Who gets tactile hallucinations?
pt with DT, cocaine abusers
What are hypnagogic hallucinations?
while going to sleep
What are hypnopompic hallucinations?
while awaking from sleep
What is the form of schizophrenia that lasts 1-6 months?
schizophreniform disorder
What is the lifetime prevalence of schizophrenia?
What is cyclothymic disorder?
milder for of bipolar disorder lasting at least 2 years
What is the drug of choice for bipolar disorder?
What are the criteria for MDD?
2 or more episodes with a sx-free interval of 2 months
What is dysthymia?
a milder form of depression lasting at least 2 years
What is an important screening sleep question for depression?
early morning wakening
What is gamophobia?
fear of marriage
What is algophobia?
fear of pain
What is acrophobia?
fear of heights
What is agoraphobia?
fear of open place