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what do we come in contact wit on the job that regulae employees would not, with regards to fire safety.
corners, closet places the regular empolyee would not generally come in contact with.
areas that often become fire hazards
storage rooms
furnace of boller
five safety means two things
preventing fires
tacking the correct steps
list five major causes of fires
smoking and matches
misuse of electricity
defects in heating systems
spontcineous combustion
what can you do to eliminate major causes of fire.
ash trays are provided
report frayed cords
storage of oily rages
what five steps souuld you take if you discorve a fire.
call 911
evacuate immediate
sound the alarms
do your best to extinguish
get out meet the fire deaparment
list three important things you should know at work.
floor plane
exit routs
locations alarms
list five of the most common oversite in buildind security.
lock office doors
lock rear entrances
windows left ajar
equipment left
lighst left on
list two uncommon secrity problems.
safes open or unlocked
when you come upon a scene of a crime what three things could you do.
call the police
notify your supervisor
do not touch or remove anything