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Where can the E-PME sign off sheets be found?
E-PME EOCT are given at what pay grade?
E-4, E-6, and E-8
What pay grades do not have to take the E-PME EOCT?
E-5, E-7, and E-9
How many different delivery methods are there for the E-PME study guide
3 (Web, CD, and Paper)
How many miles of shore line does the US have?
E-PME Study Guide Number: 2-3.01.K In the example above what does the 2 designate?
Chapter #
E-PME Study Guide Number: 2-3.01.K In the example above what does the 01 indicate?
Subsequent chapter number
E-PME Study Guide Number: 2-3.01.K In the example above, what does the 3 designate?
Pay grade
E-PME Study Guide Number: 2-3.01.K and 10-5.02-P In the example above what does the K and the P designate?
K: Knowledge P: Perform
How many ferderal agencies merged to form the CG of today?
Name the 5 federal agencies that merged to form todays CG
1: Reserve Cutter service 2: Light house service 3: Steam boat inspection service 4: Bureau of Navigation 5: Life Saving Service
When was the formal creation of the CG?
What does the term rate mean?
Used for enlisted pay grade
What does the term rating mean?
Enlisted occupational specialty
The CG authorizes the use and size of US flags IAW ______.
Naval Telecommunications procedures; NTP 13 (B): Flags, Pennants, and customs
When evaluating subordinates, evaluate against what?
Performance Standards
What percent of mishaps is due to unsafe acts of people?
What percent is due to unsafe condition?
The US water and ecosystem make up ___% of the worlds fishing industry.
One fifth
What are the oldest responsibilities of the CG
MLE, and Border control
How many missions does the CG have?
How many roles does the CG have?
What are the 5 roles of the CG?
1: Maritime safety 2: Maritime mobility 3: Protection of Natural resources 4: Marine security 5: National defence
What is AMVER?
Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue
How many other countries have polar icebreakers?
How many immigrants were interdicted b/w 1980 and 2000?
Our maritime boarder extends out how many miles?
200 mi
What do they call the extention off our shores?
EEZ (Exclusive Ecomomic Zone)
What are the enlisted rates exclusive to the reserves?
1.PortSecuritySpecialist 2. Investigator
What reservists are considered to be in active status?
Ready Reserve
What makes up the ready reserve?
Selective Reserve Individual ready reserve
When the US Flag is displayed on a vessel or aircraft it is called ________.
The Standard
Where is the CG flag used?
Parades and display purposes ashore
At shore installations how is the CG ensign flown?
Starboard yardarm of the flag mast
How many vertical stripes are there on the CG ensign?
What do the stripes on the CG ensign represent?
The number of states in the union at the time the ensign was adopted
What year was was the revenue marine formed?
When did the CG adopt battle streamers?
1968 Viet Nam
How many battle streamers does the CG have?
Who may display a complete set of CG battle streamers
Major HQ Units. Individual units may only display the ones that they have earned
What is the commissioning pennant?
Indicates the vessle is under the command of a commissioned officer
Where is the commissioning pennant flown
From the aft most mast head, an admirals flag or command pennant would replace this when onboard
What degree angle is the CG stripe?
64 degrees
Who wrote the CG song/anthem?
Captain Francis Saltus Van Boskerck (on the cutter Yamacraw in Savannah, Ga. The music came 5 years later while he was in Unalaska, Ak)
What is the difference b/w the CG seal and the CG emblem?
Emblem is a simplified version, without the rope boarder and blue background
What color is the Command Master Chiefs Badge?
Who has Command Master Chiefs?
Major commands such as districts and MLC's
What is the vital role of the CMC?
A senior advisor to Flag and senior officers
What is a command chief?
A unit level CMC (Silver Badge)
Who does the ESO report directly to?
Who does the civil rights officer (CRO) report directly to?
Can you contribute money to a political candidate?
Can you sell tickets to a political fundraiser?
Can you make public speeches for a political candidate while out of uniform?
Can you act as a driver during Election Day for a particular candidate?
Can you engage in public recruitment of a partisan political candidate?
Can you sign a political petition?
Yes, as long as it is done as a private citizen
Can you display a candidates bumper sticker on your car?
Can you display a political sign or banner on your car?
Can you serve as an election official?
Yes, as long as it is done out of uniform, off duty and does not represent a partisan political party
What manual/publication would you refer to for Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA) while in certain counties?
DOD Foreign clearance Guide (DOD FCG)
What is the purpose of SOFA?
Preserves command authority, Fair treatment of individuals and conserves scarce resources and fair trials
How many branches are there in the uniformed service?
A senior assistant in the U.S.P.H.S. is equal to what CG rank?
What are the 7 branches of the uniformed services?
1. CG, 2. Public Health Services, 3. NOAA, 4. Navy, 5. Marines, 6. Army, 7. Air Force
What enlisted ranks are the in the CG Auxilary?
Who is marked on leadership skills?
E-3 and above
What manual states military job requirements for specific ratings?
M1414.8 (Enlisted qualifications manual)
What are the tiers of the rating chain for marks?
Supervisor, Marking official, Approving official
What marks require comments?
1, 2 and 7
What is evironmental tobacco smoke?
1. Second hand smoke from mainstream smoke 2. Side stream smoke emitted by smoldering cigarettes
Is smokeless tobacco permitted in the workplace?
When can tobacco products be used?
Only on regularly scheduled breaks available to all hands
Does alcohol have to be consumed for a member to receive an alcohol incident?
Is a self referral considered an alcohol incident?
No, as long as it is before an incident
When a member is involved in a drug incident, What is their disposition?
All are separated from service (Members with 8 years or less by reasons of misconduct)
What are the 4 major personal stressors
1. Environment, 2. Work related, 3. Personal life, 4. Self imposed
How many people nationwide die annually from suicide?
What are the 6 distinct signs someone may be thinking about suicide?
1. suicide threats, 2. Previous attempts, 3. Depression, 4. Marked changes in behavior, 5. Making arrangements as though for a final departure, 6. Taking unnecessary risks
What percent of people who commit suicide have made previous attempts?
What percent of people who commit suicide have made previous attempts?
Hazardous waste operations and emergency response
What color is a danger tag?
What color is an out of calibration tag?
How are the serial numbers for danger, caution, out of calibration and out of commision tags determined?
Reset to 001 at the beginning of each fiscal year
Who can remove tags?
The person who attached is or CO Designated or with permission EO or Ops
What is the name of the area where MSDS's are kept?
Right to know station
Why was terrorist threat levels developed
To reduce uncertainty and misinterpretation at the operational level
How many terrorist threat levels are there?
Name the terrorist threat levels.
High, Significant, Moderate, Low
How many bomb threat conditions are there?
Name the 3 telephone bomb threat conditions
Cond 1= No location, No time, Cond 2= Exact location, No time, Cond 3= Exact time, Exact Location
What is CG thought of to Washington people after moving to DHS?
US's Maritime first responders
How many departments/divisions is the DHS comprised of
Name the departments of the DHS
Border and transportation security, Science and technology, Information analysis and Infrastructure protection, Management
Emergency preparedness and response,
Who does the commandant report directly to?
Secretary of DHS
When did the rate of petty officer become official?
What happened in 1915?
Congress combined the Revenue Cutter service with the Life saving service
When was the MCPOCG established?
Who was the first MCPOCG?
BMCM Calhoun
Who is the current MCPOCG?
MCPO Michael P. Leavitt
Failure to obey a lawful order falls under what article of the UCMJ?
Which UCMJ article gives petty officers apprehension authority?
What gives petty officers law enforcement and authority to board vessels under US jurisdiction?
Title 14, USC section 89
What manual would you refer to for ethics issues?
M5370.8 Standards of ethical conduct
Can you accept a gift from a lower payed subordinate?
Not normally, except on occasions where gifts are usually given such as birthdays, etc not to exceed $10.00
What manual governs the acceptance of gifts?
M7100.3 Financial resource management manual
Is extra military instruction (EMI) a tool that can be used for punishment?
No, it's genuinely used to improve performance
Is a captains mast considered a judicial proceeding?
How many types of court martials are there?
What are the 3 types of court martials?
General, Special, Summary
How many members make up a General court martial?
A military judge and at least 5 members
How many people make up a Special court martial?
A Military judge and at least 3 members. Except in capital cases, the accused may request trial by military judge alone
How many people make up a Summary court martial?
Consist of one member, rank O-4 or above. The member does not need to be a judge.
After a CG-4910 is reviewed one of two outcomes occur, what are they?
NJP, Dismissal
What manual would you refer to when a serious offence has been committed (ie: Rape, Murder etc.).
Mandatory reporting of incidentsto the CG Investigative Service and requesting investigative assistance - M5520.5
What does EERS stand for?
Enlisted Employee Review System
Who does the final review of the EERS?
Personnel Support Center (PSC)
What is the lowest rank that can do an EERS?
What is the lowest rank that can be an approving official for EERS?
E-7 that is an OIC
What mark does a supervisor put on an EERS worksheet?
Marks and X where he wants the mark
What mark does the Marking Official put on the EERS worksheet?
Darkens the appropriate oval and puts a numerical value in the "Mar" column
What mark does the Approving Official put in the marks worksheet?
If disagreement, puts a line through the darkened oval and then assigns a new mark and changes the mark column
Who must the Approving official consult with before changing a mark?
Marking Official
Who can be delagated as an Approving Official?
No one, It can not be delagated
Can a CO's advancement recommendation be appealed?
During the appeal of a marks cycle can a members marks be lowered?
How long does the appeal authority have to review and act on an appeal?
15 Calendar days
How many catagories are on a Petty Officers marks?
What are the catagories on a petty officers marks?
Performance, Leadership, Military, Professional qualities, conduct
Who is responsible for entering EERS into Direct Access?
Approving official
What is a good minimum financial reserve one should keep in savings?
1 months pay
What investment offers the some of the best returns on your investments?
Certificates of Deposits (CD's)
What investment provides the lowest investment risks?
US Treasury bonds
What is the most popular investments in todays society?
Mutual funds
PO Greene gets married after his EDO (Effective date of orders). Is he entitled to reinbursement expenses for his new wife's expenses that occurred during a PCS move?
How do you determine members EDO?
Determined by subtracting the number of travel days plus one additional day from the report-by-date on the orders
What is DLA?
Dislocation allowance, provided partially to reimburse member, with or without dependants for relocation
Can DLA be payed in advance?
During a PCS HHG move what portion of entitled weight may be put into NTS?
Any Portion
What is NTS?
Non temporary storage
What is PDS?
Permenant duty station
What is TMO?
Transporation management office
What is MALT PLUS and how is it payed?
Monetary allowance in lieu of transportation plus per diem, paid on a per mile basis for the official distance
The CGC Eagle recaptured these 2 cutters in what war?
Nancy and Mehitable in 1799 with the French privateer, Revenge.
Which cutter was part of the orginal 10 taken from the lifesaving service?
Vigilant, Diligence, General Green, Massachusetts, Scammel, Eagle, Virginia, Active, Argus, South Caroline
Who was credited with single handedly saving 10 lives?
Rasmus S. Midgett from the Grounded Ship Priscilla on August 18, 1899
What cutter in 1995 rescued 578 migrants?
CGC Dauntless on November 24, 1995
During WWI the Revenue cutter service fell under dept of _____?
Transferred to the Navy in April 1917
The CG ensign will be flown when _______?
When engaged in law enforcement actions IAW 33 CFR 23.05
The CG ensign's heritage dates back to when?
1799 It was used to identify the cutters of the Revenue Marine
Where do CG vessels normally fly the CG ensign?
From the head of the Forward most mast Aboard cutters in commission with a single mast, the ensign flies
immediately below the commissioning pennant. It may be displaced to
the starboard yardarm under certain conditions, such as visits by senior
civil officials or when firing salutes to foreign countries, particularly on
cutters with a single mast (increasingly the norm with modern vessels).
At shore installations, it is displayed from the starboard yardarm of the
Where does the CG ensign fly on a vessel with only one mast?
Immediately below the commissioning pennant.
Where is the CG ensign flown ashore?
Displayed from the starboard yardarm of the flag mast.
How many vertical red and white stripes are there on the CG ensign?
When was the Revenue Cutter Service's distinctive emblem added to the CG ensign?
When was the CG ensign's emblem changed from the Revenue Cutter Service to the Coast Guard?
When was the artistic treatment of the U.S. coat of arms (canton) added?
When was the motto on the CG ensign removed from above and bellow the shield?
What is the National flag called when displayed on a vessel or facility?
What is the National flag called when displayed on a vehicle or aircraft?
What is the National flag called when carried by foot?
Before 1917, what flag was used aboard ships to represent the CG?
The Coast Guard Flag, know as the Coast Guard Standard.
What is the Coast Guard flag's dimensions?
52 by 66 inches trimmed with 2 1/2 inch golden yellow fringe topped with a battle ax finial.
What could be used in lieu of the battle streamers on the Coast Guard flag?
blue and white cord and tassels.
Does the Union Jack fly while underway?
What does the Union Jack represents?
The rectangular blue part of the U.S. flag containing the stars.
When is the Union Jack used?
Vessels moored flown from the jackstaff.
General Court-martial or court of inquiry while in session.
Where is the Coast Guard emblem used?
Used on the C.G. ensign
Where is the Coast Guard Seal used?
Used for official documents and records.
When did the Coast Guard adopt Battle Streamers?
1968 following the practice established by the U.S. Marine Corps.
How many Battle Streamers does the C.G. have?
34 from 1798 to the present.
What does the Commissioning Pennant represent?
The vessel is under the command of a commissioned officer or a commissioned warrant officer.
What design was to be adopted by the C.G. in the early 1960's
A wide red Bar to the right of a narrow blue bar both canted at 64 degrees with the C. G. emblem
When was official recognition of the C.G. motto given?
When it appeared on the C.G. ensign in 1910.
Who is credited with writing the song Semper Paratus?
Captain Francis Saltus Van Boskerck written in his cabin on the Yamacraw in Savannah in 1922
Larger cutters (over 180 feet in length) are under control of
Cutters at or under 180 feet in length come under control of
There are __ Coast Guard units in the field that report directly to
Cutters captured 18 prizes unaided and assisted in the capture of two
others. A prize is the wartime capture of a ship and its cargo.
The cutter Jefferson
captured the first prize of this war.
War of 1812
During the Civil War, our cutters in the Navy’s service performed
blockade duty along the Atlantic coast, Chesapeake Bay, and Potomac
River. Cutters were involved in the transport of troops and supplies.
Civil War
During this war six Coast Guard cutters, Ossipee, Seneca,
Yamacraw, Algonquin, Manning, and Tampa, were deployed to Gibraltar,
What kind of budget CG employs?
Zero Based Budgeting
Earrings should be?
4-6mm ball studs.
The Coast Guard identifies __ leadership competencies.
Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)=
200 miles
The Ready Reserve consists of?
reservists who are liable for immediate recall to active duty. All Ready Reservists are considered to be in an active status.
The Ready Reserve includes the following:
• Selected Reserve (SELRES)
• Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)
Selected Reserve
Selected reservists participate in both inactive duty training periods and in active duty for the purpose of annual training.

Coast Guard SELRES
members are generally authorized 48 paid Inactive Duty Training (IDT) drills and at least 12 paid Active Duty for Training (ADT) days per fiscal year.
Individual Ready
• Must fulfill their Military Service Obligation (MSO) under 10
U.S.C. 651
• Have fulfilled their MSO and voluntarily remain in the IRR.
IRR members are not required to meet the same paid Inactive Duty Training (IDT) and Active Duty for Training (ADT) training
requirements as Selected reservists.
The national flag of the United States is commonly referred
to as
Stars and Stripes
The U.S. national flag is called:
• Ensign when displayed on a vessel or facility
• Colors when carried by foot
• Standard when displayed on a vehicle or aircraft.
The designation of an official Coast Guard seal and emblem was in
The date located on the bottom of the CG seal depicts the year the?
Revenue Cutter Service was established, the Coast Guard’s
The CG seal is used for?
official documents and records
of the Coast Guard. It may also be used for jewelry, stationery, etc., at the discretion of the Commandant. The official seal is also used on invitations, programs, certificates, diplomas, and greetings.
The Coast Guard ensign represents?
Coast Guard vessel’s law
enforcement authority. The ensign’s heritage dates back to 1799, when
the ensign was used to identify the cutters of the Revenue Marine, the
principal predecessor of the modern Coast Guard.
The 16 vertical red and white stripes on the Coast Guard ensign represent?
The number of states in the Union at the time the flag was
EERS Supervisor
supervisor must be an E-6 or above
EERS The Approving Official
The Approving Official must be a Coast Guard officer or officer in charge
(E-7 or above)
Battle Streamers
Total of 34, first one awarded 1768
CDAR stands for
Collateral Duty Addictions Representatives
A Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) is
an international agreement
providing approval of certain foreign governments for U.S. personnel to
enter their territory for defense purposes.
The Navy establishes the Chief Petty Officer rate and issues the insignia of three chevrons with an arc and eagle. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class petty officers begin wearing the present insignia
The Coast Guard comes into existence when Congress combines the Revenue Cutter Service with the U.S. Life Saving Service.
The rates in the Coast Guard become the same as those in the Navy.
The Navy recognizes its three classes of petty officers: First,
Second, and Third. The rating badges were approved by the Secretary of the Navy on
the office of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (MCPOCG) was established by a legislative action.
August 17, 1969
The MCPOCG is the most senior enlisted member of the Coast Guard, with the pay grade designation of
First Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard.
BMCM Charles L. Calhoun
Failure to obey a lawful order
Aricle 92 UCMJ
Title 14, USC, section 89
Gives the Coast Guard its law enforcement and establishes who may exercise that authority. Under this standard, petty officers, in the performance of official duties, may board any vessel under the jurisdiction of the United States at any time
Report of Offense and Disposition
After the CG-4910 is reviewed by the executive officer/executive petty
officer, one of two outcomes occur:
• Non-judicial punishment
• Dismissal.
The effective date of orders is determined by
subtracting the number of
travel days plus one additional day from the report-by-date on your orders.
Oldest cutter in active service
CGC Smilax
Oldest structure still in service
Boston Light
First Coast Guard Aviator
Elmer Stone
First cutter to be launched:
Vigilant, launched in March, 1791
First commissioned SPAR:
Dorothy Stratton
First woman to make master chief petty officer:
YNCM Pearl Faurie, USCGR, 1967.
The Coast Guard ensign must be displayed whenever
a Coast Guard vessel is engaged in law enforcement
actions. Even when they are not conducting law enforcement missions,
Coast Guard vessels normally fly the ensign from the head of the forward most mast.
Districts are commanded by:
Rear Admirals (one- or two-star)
A "cutter" is basically any CG
65 feet in length or greater, having adequate accommodations for
crew to live on board.
Quasi War
During this tacit war, the Revenue Cutter Service, forerunner of the Coast
Guard, operated eight cutters along our southern coast in the Caribbean Sea and along the West Indies Islands. Cutters captured 18 prizes unaided and assisted in the capture of two
others. A prize is the wartime capture of a ship and its cargo.
On its two cruises to the West Indies:
• The cutter Pickering captured 10 prizes, one of which carried 44 guns
and 200 men, three times her own force.
• Another noteworthy cutter, the Eagle, recaptured the American vessels
Nancy and Mehitable in a memorable fight in 1799 with the French privateer, Revenge.
The cutter Jefferson captured the first prize of this war
War of 1812
One of the most dramatic engagements was the defense of the cutter Eagle against the attack of the British brig Dispatch and an accompanying sloop.
War of 1812
This was the first time
ever that steamboats were used in a war.
Mexican-American War
This time, however, the entire Coast Guard…
manpower, vessels, and units…was transferred to the Navy
The only Coast Guard-manned light station in the U.S. today is
Boston Harbor
The first five African-American females enter the SPARs
(Semper Paratus Always Ready Women’s Reserve):
Olivia Hooker
Winifred Byrd
Julia Mosley
Yvonne Cumberbatch
Aileen Cooke.
First Coast Guard E-9.
Master Chief Yeoman Jack Kerwin
- Legislation ends Women’s Reserve
- Women are integrated into active duty and Coast Guard Reserve.
- Women are admitted to Officer Candidate School for the first time.
- Combat exclusion for women ends.
- The first SPAR to be sworn into the regular Coast Guard is Alice Jefferson.
All officer career fields and enlisted ratings are open to women
Maximum of one ring per hand. Engagement/wedding ring or class/wedding ring sets are counted as one ring. Thumb rings are not authorized.
One earring per ear centered on the earlobe for women. Earrings will be 4-6mm ball studs (approx. 1/8 – ¼ inch), natural white pearl (colored pearls not authorized), white diamond, plain gold or silver with a shiny or brushed matte finish settings. Decorative or combination settings not authorized. Earrings are not authorized for men in uniform at any time or when on leave or liberty on a military facility.
Backpacks, Briefcases, or Gym Bags
Civilian bags (e.g., computer bags/briefcases, gym bags, backpacks, garment bags, etc., this does not include women’s handbags/purses) may be worn with the working and service uniforms in the manner prescribed below:
All bags worn with the uniform must conceal its contents and be either solid black or navy blue in color. There will be no personal ornamentation attached on or to the bag.
Computer bag/brief case and backpacks: may be worn across the left shoulder of the Tropical Blue or Winter Dress Blue uniform to facilitate saluting. When wearing a bag, the strap must be worn across the left shoulder (fore and aft) with the bag hanging on the same side of the body. The case or bag will not be worn with the strap and bag on the opposite sides of the body (diagonally). Backpacks may also be worn over both shoulders when wearing the ODU.
Will not be worn in any uniform more formal than the Tropical Blue uniform. Must be hand carried only.
Hair – Men’s Style
Hair above the ears and around the neck will be tapered from the lower natural hairline upwards at least ¾-inch and outward not greater than ¾-inch to blend with hairstyle. A totally clean, shaven scalp is authorized.
Hair – Women’s Style
Haircuts and styles will present a balanced appearance. The hair may touch, but not fall below a horizontal line level with the bottom edge of the back of the collar. No portion of the bulk of the hair as measured from the scalp will exceed two inches.
Will not extend below the top of the upper lip or beyond the corners of the mouth.
Sideburns will not extend below a point level with the bottom of the ear opening
If waiver approved, members will not shave any facial hair and facial hair will not exceed ¼ inch in length.
Fingernails - Men
Will not extend past the fingertips or be colored
Fingernails - Women
Nail polish may be worn, but will be beige or neutral in color.
Will not extend more than ¼ inch beyond the fingertip. Brilliant glossy colors, fluorescent colors, green, yellow, blue, black, or decorative nail art are not authorized.