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Baal Shem Tov
(August 27,1700-May 22,1760)
-"Besht" the founder of hasidism. Was a miracle-worker and believed everything on earth was a part of everything. Wanted Joy, prayer, song and dance.
Balfour Declaration
(Nov. 2,1917)Letter from British Foreign Sec. Balfour to Lord Rothschild which stated Britain's interest in creating a "national home" for the Jews as long as those in Palestine already were not harmed. *First time in long time Jew viewed as polit entity
Spanish Jews, converted under pressure during the inquisition -1492-but still practiced what they could in secret.
(1807)Jewish assembly in Paris created by Napoleon.
Moses Mendelssohn(___-1786)
German-Jew philosopher- believed in freedom of belief, translates Bible into German w/ heb letters for edu reasons, able to mix jew with German state
Bogdan Chmielnicki
(1595-1657)In the mid 16oo's Leader of Cossacks, killed many Jews in Poland.
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
(March 25,1911) over 150 young immigrant workers died in the fire. There were terrible working conditions, and the building was not fire safe. This led to reform for worker's rights.
Wannsee Conference
(Jan 20,1942) Gathering of Nazi leaders to discuss the transfer of Europe's Jews to set camps for work. This later lead to ideas of total extermination
Sabbatai Zevi
(1626-1676)Born in Smyrna, a rabbi and Kabbalist. He believed in millenarian ideas and thought he was the messiah
Hamburg Temple
(1818) reform movement temple, introduced many to reform-w/organ.
Yitzhak Rabin
(March 1, 1922-November 4, 1995)
Prime Minister of Israel, and Nobel Prize winner for working towards peace with Arafat. Assassinated by Yigal Amir.