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Mapp v. Ohio
illegally obtained evidence may not be admissible in a juvenile court adjudication hearing
Kent v. U.S.
a hearing in juvenile court is necessary before a case can be waived to adult court and the hearing must have "the essentials of due process"
Roper v. Simmons
execution of a person under the age 18 was a violation of the 8th amend.
In Re Gault
right against self incrimination and right to a counsel extended to juveniles
adult trial=
adjudication hearing
adult conviction =
adult sentencing =
disposition hearing
what kinds of programs do police have to deal with juveniles?
community volunteer programs
recreational programs
probation programs
restorative justice programs
Due process right juveniles have
right to counsel, burden of proof, right against double jeopardy, right against self incrimination
Due process rights juveniles don't have
right to jury trial, bail, right not to be held in preventive detention
major ways that youth are transferred to adult court
judicial waiver, prosecutorial waiver, statutory exclusion
effective rehabilitation programs focuse on