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What time meter is swing music usually in?
What is the common instrumentation for a swing band?
1) saxophone section - two altos, two tenors, and one baritone
2) trumpet section - four trumpets, first responsible for highest notes and eventually the secon d player for most of the jazz solos
3)Trombone section - four trombones, later a fifth bass trombone was often added
4) rhythm section - one drummer, one bass player (string bass), one piano player, and one guitar player
What instrument did Fletcher Henderson play?
What instrument did Lester Young play?
tenor saxophonist
Where was Mary Lou Williams from and what made her truly famous?
Kansas City and she was the first woman in jazz history to compose and arrange for a larger jazz band
What difference is there in the Southwest bands vs NYC bands?
instead of crafted arrangements, the songs were realized by individual performers
started the shift of focus from arranger/composer to performer
What style and region is Count Basie usually most strongly associated with?
Kansas City swing
What is Benny Goodman's nickname and instrument? What did he contribute?
King of Swing and the Clarinet. He added a hard drive to swing music.
Who is Coleman Hawkins?
a swing tenor saxophonist
Who is Lester Young?
a swing tenor saxophonist
What is ostinato?
a clear melodic and or rhythmic figure that is persistently repeated
What is obligato?
An accompanying or free melody played by a second instrument that is less prominent and secondary to the main melody played by the lead instrument
What instrument did Duke Ellington play?
Describe Ellington's four styles.
o Jungle style –raucous playing of Bubber Miley, Cootie Williams (trumpet), and Tricky Sam Nanton on trombone.
o Mood style – beautiful ballads and saxophonist Johnny Hodges
o Concerto style – featured Cootie Williams on trumpet or Jimmy Hamilton or Barney Bigard on clarinet
o Standard style – approached arrangement similar to other large bands
Who formed an important compositional collaboration with Duke?
Billy Strayhorn
What was one of the important social differences of bop?
Not used for dancing
What size of band did bop use?
What is the typical pattern of a bop tune?
How did the rhythm section change?
44 steady rhythm with the base and snare acting as accents and punctuations. 8th notes played on the cymbals.
What changes about the guitar?
It becomes amplified, which allows it to join the trumpet and saxophone
What is Dizzy Gillespie's nickname and what feature is he known most for?
King of 52nd street and his cheeks while he played the trumpet
What was Charlie Parker's nickname?
Yardbird or Bird
Who was Charlie Christian?
a bop guitar player
Who was Bud Powell?
a bop piano player
Who was Jimmy Blanton?
a bop bassist that played with Ellington
Thelonious Monk?
Important piano player and composer
JJ Johnson?
Who was Billy Eckstine?
Singer/band leader. had gillespie in his band.
What type of band did Gillespie prefer?
What were the new instruments of the cool/third stream era?
French horn, oboe, baritone saxophone, fluegelhorn, tuba, flute, and cello
Who was the important composer collaborator with Miles Davis?
Gil Evans
Who was Fletcher Henderson?
a noted arranger of big band music
Nancy Wilson?
one of the best known jazz singers
What instrument did Charlie Parker usually play? What was his significance?
Alto saxophone. Marked change from swing to bop.
What instrument was the only one that was responsible for keeping the beat in bop?
stringed bass
How was the head incorporated into bop pieces?
Short head-in with lots of improvisation.
Name a band that Gillespie was in.
Cab Calloway's
What is mirroring lines?
when the trumpet and saxophone play the melody together (common in bop)
Explain Davis's periods.
Davis Chronology – “always move forward”
1940s – bebop
1950s – cool jazz
Late 50s – modal
59-60s – modal jazz
69-75 – early fusion starts
75-80 – silent years
80-91 – late fusion
Name some members of Davis's first great quintet
Paul Chambers and Coltrane
Who was Jack Johnson?
The first black heavy weight champion
Who was Fletcher Henderson?
An influential figure in the swing era, is credited with having created, with his brother Horace and Don Redman, the pattern for wing arrangments. He is said to have established the independent use of trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and rhythm sections, with the use of soloists.
Who is considered to be the outstanding performer of early jazz trombonists?
Jack Teagarden
What band was considered the most popular of all swing bands?
Glen Miller's band
What is it called when a large band used bop harmonics and melodic developments?
Progessive jazz
Who was Gunther Schuller?
A french horn player with the Metropolitan Opera in NYC, who composed both thirdstream and classical pieces.
What Miles Davis is album is known to start the cool jazz era?
The Birth of Cool