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repeated riffs
saw commercial potential in blues
first published sheet music for the blues
Early Blues Diva
live and recorded
Ma Rainey
1920s singer with a guitar-countrified
Blind Lemon Jefferson
1930s countrified singer with a guitar
Robert Johnson
Most influential blues singer of the 1920s
"Empress of the Blues"
played with Louis Armstrong
Bessie Smith
1910s modern dance with black influence
hired black musicians (James Reese Europe)
The Castles (Vernon and Irene)
popularized black participation in dance music (Carnigie Hall)
James REese Europe
black concert artists
Sisserietta Jones, Joseph Douglas
Wrote Treemonisha
Scott Joplin
"first jazz musician"
cornet player
first jazz celebrity
grew up in a poor black neighborhood, learned blues/church music/
no recordings
went schizo
Buddy Bolden
1910s Creole Jazz Band cornet player
Freddie Keppard
used cornet and mutes
1922-takes over Creole Jazz Band
Hires Louis Armstrong
Joe King Oliver
soprano sax/clarient
lived worldwide
Sidney Bechet
creole pimp stride improv/comp
Jelly Roll Morton
violist from colorado
made jazz popular dance music
"symphonic jazz"
*Experiment in Modern Music
Paul Whiteman
Bing Crosby, Bix Beiderbecke were memebers of _______'s band
Paul Whiteman
Atlanta U chem major
nyc roseland ballroom
"the black Paul Whiteman"
hired Don Redman (black sax arranger)
hires Armstrong
Fletcher Henderson
wrote "The New Negro"
Alain Locke
piano composer born in DC in 1899
cotton club
Duke Ellington
NYC stride players
eubie blake, james johnson
"father of stride piano"
James P. Johnson
Louis Armstrong's Mentor
Joe Oliver
fisk u
northerner (comparatively)
plays piano in oliver's band
lili hardin
the hero of the great migration
louis armstrong
experimental stride player "like a trumpet" records with armstrong
Earl Hines
tenor sax inspired by armstrong
Colman Hawkins
white trumpet player
davenport, iowa
Bix Beiderbecke
three big swing band laeders
Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw
half-cadence ends on ______, full-cadence ends on ______.
the dominant, the tonic