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6 Differences of Swing
1. Bigger Groups
2. Sax are standard section
3. Bass instead of Tuba
4. No collective improv
5. Much less rigid rhythmically
6. Players improve
Are stocks still used?
Yes, but everything is written out
Function of Bass in Swing?
Harmonic Stability
Function of Guitar in Swing?
Create Melody
Function of Drums in Swing?
Beat for Dancers/Band
Gene Kroupa
Began breaking rules on drums
Prelude to soloist drummers
Jo Jones
Didn't use the bass drum
Ride cymbol for beat
Band Leaders:
Fletcher Henderson
Tommy Dorsey
Roy Eldridge
Coleman Hawkins
Charlie Christian
Glen Miller
Benny Goodman
Duke Ellington
Count Basie
Name 5 Glen Miller Songs
"In the Mood"
"Pennsylvania 6-5000"
"Moonlight Serenade"
"Tuxedo Junction"
"String of Pearls"