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"chase", a sliding movement that in jazz can be analyzed as "step-together-step"
to stretch to a point by brushing the foot along the floor
"disengage", a quick brush of the stretched leg through tendue to a position slightly off the floor
grand battement
a high, straight-leg lift or "kick", passing through tendue and degage to 90 degrees or higher
"passed through", a balance on one leg, with the opposite leg bent and the toe pointed to touch the hallow of the knee of the standing leg
a balanced position in which the working leg is bent. The thigh of the bent leg is parallel to the floor and the toe is below the height of the knee
to extend the working leg from bent to straight
to whirl or spin
a) endehors-outside turn away from the body
b) en dedans-inside turn towards the body
"chain" or "links", 1/2 turns on the balls of the feet successively
"sustained", turn in 5th position on releve
a large leap from one foot to the other
at ease, slow graceful movements
jazz dance
a movement art which is an American form of dance, derived from rhythms and movements of the African people
how a movement is performed: the intensity of its energy and dynamic qualities of its performance
a dynamic quality where there is a sharp, forceful initiation of movement and a definite cessation of movement
a dynamic quality of weightlessness or breathlessness, it is the period of time during which the motion of movement is lifted and held
jazz slide
initiated by displacing a hip and pulling the body along. Usually done in turned out position with the arms out at second position and the body tilted away from the displaced hip.
jazz split
a half split position on the floor; the front leg is straight and the back leg is bent
emphasis on one note or chord
(trademark of jazz) places the accent on normally unaccented beats of the measure
another trademark of jazz, the separate movement of one body part while the rest is held
body wave
a sequential movement of the torso starting at the base of the spine and moves sequentially up the spine
in a torso contraction, the front of the torso is concave so that a "C" curve is formed with the spine. The lower back is rounded and the pelvis is forward, and the stomach is hallowed with the shoulders lined over the hips
a tilt of the torso with an imaginary oblique line that passes from the tip of the ear through the shoulder, hip and knee (to protect our lower backs, we usually use a slight contraction)