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This is the greek word for week
Which layer of the earth generates the electromagnetic field?
Outer core
Why is the inner core still solid if it is hot enough to be a liquid?
Too much pressure
What do you call the process of one plate going under another?
What specifically makes the continents drift?
Convection currents in the mantle
Name a divergent boundary
rift valley, ridge
Name a convergent boundary
mountain range, subduction, trench
Name a transform boundary
strike-slip fault, San Andreas
What event happened 225 million years ago?
Pangea broke apart
What is the force that acts on a rock to change its shape of volume?
This is a type of stress that pulls plates apart
This is a type of stress that pushes plates together
This type of stress occurs at a strike-slip fault
Name 3 types of faults
Normal, Reverse, Strike-slip
This is when the earth's crust folds upward, like hills
This is when the earth's crust folds down, like valleys
What type of mountain is made from 2 faults stretching on either side?
This land feature is made from uplifting crust with a plat top
What is the shaking of the ground when tectonic plates move?
What type of seismic wave goes back and forth and arrives first?
P Wave
What are 4 ways earthquakes cause damage?
1. Shaking
2. Liquefaction
3. Aftershock
4. Tsunami
What is quicksand liquefaction?
When loose sand and water sink buildings in an earthquake
Name 4 ways buildings are made stronger and more flexible for earthquakes?
1. Cross braces
2. Tension ties
3. Flexible pipes
4. Shear walls