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How do you prevent browsers which don't support javascript from displaying javascript as page content
Add an html comment tag, <!--, before the first javascript statement and a comment closing tag, --> after the last javascript statement
Where do you put the javascript in a page if you do not want the script to be executed immediately
Put the javascript inside of a function which should be placed in the head of the page to keep it separate from page content
How do you refer an html document to an external javascript file
Point to the .js file in teh "src" attribute of the <script> tag. <script type="text.javascript" srcr="xxx.js"></script>
Javascript statement tells browser to write something
What is a javascript block
A block makes the sequence of javascript statements executed together and starts with a left curly bracket, {, and ends with a right curly bracket, }
How do your write comments on one line
Use //
How do you write multi line comments
Use /* before and */ after sooo
This is an
awesome comment
What are the rules for naming javascript variables
they are case sensitive and must begin with a letter or underscore character
How do you declare variables in javascript
with the var statement
var x;
var carname;
How do you assign values to variables?
var x=5;
var carname="Volvo";
Text values require quotes while numbers do not
List the js arithmetic operators
+ addition, - subtraction, * multiplication, / division, % modulus, ++ increment, -- decrement
List the js assignment operators
=, +=, -=, *=, /=, %=
List the js comparison operators
== is equal to, === is exactly equal to (value and type), != is not equal, > greather, < less, >= greater than or equal to, <= less than or equal to
List the js logical operators
&& and, || Or, ! not