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standard set of interfaces & classes functionally grped into packages
Application Software Packages
programs required for common business & personal apps such as word processing or excel
Nothing happens unless trigger sends a message and causes the event to occur
event diagram
shows relationships among events & operations visually & help plan how they will program events.
class providers
programmers who focus on creating classes & objects
class users
programmers who leverage their knowledge of business processe to assemble apps using OOP methods/tools.
generalization hierarchy
aka class diagram, OOD tool used to show relationships among classes
information hiding
process of making implementation & programming details transparent to user
unique object/specific occurence of class of objects
builder tools
activates program to perform 1 of 2 operations
allows instruction to be given to an obejct using generalized rather than specific, detailed instructions
responds to incoming requests and serves different types of data
module of java code that is osted and run on a web server rather htan being launched from a browser `
AKA inheritance, use a class to make a subclass, save time.
web server
computer that hosts web pages, programs, intranet, etc.,
both programmer & user must check the program
User interface
the way in which a user enters datas and instructions into a computer and receives feedback from the computer
Splash screen
screen that is displayed before the main program is displayed
System date
current date and time generated by the operating system of a computer
preset feature of the computer
Coding window
area where you can enter and edit lines of Java code.
Selector window
displays a list of open TextPad files.
Clip Library Window
- a list of special codes and tags used by some scripting tools and languages such as HTML
Block comment
begins with (*/) ends with (*/), can span as many lines as possible
Doc comment
Starts with (/**) ends with (*/) provide concise summary
access modifier
Access modifier-
- scope identifier, specifies the circumstances in which the class can be accessed.
reserved words, the java compiler does not accept as class name
Method header
notifies the Java compiler of the method’s attributes
Main() method-
the starting point during execution
Method modifier-
used to set properties for the method.
method is unique and can be invoked without creating a subclass or instance.
Return value
result or answer of a method
method that does not return data
piece of data received by the method to help the method perform its operation
- sends data to a method
- any word you choose to name an item in a java program
location in computer memory that can change values as the code executes
Data type
word tat describes the type or category of data the method uses
String data type
Class definition
defines the instance and class variables and methods available for use in the class
System class
contains several useful class variables and methods
- inherits, methods from its supercalss
refers to the object representing the default display
Println() method-
returns its value to the System.out device.
- data inside the quotes will be displayed exactly as entered in the code
System error-
system command is not set properly
Syntax error
error caused by code statements that violate one or more syntax rules of the Java programming language.
Command Results Window
window comes out after compile
Semantic error-
an error that changes the meaning of the code
Logic error-
occurs when a program does not behave as intended due to poor design or incorrect implemntation of the design
Run-time error-
aka exception, error occurs when unexpected conditions arise as you run or execute the program
Import statement
tell the compiler where to access the classes fields and methods of an existing class in the package
Date class-
represents a specific instant in time, measured to the nearest millisecond
identified by the = new notation
they type of datat or object by entering the name of the java dtat type followed by the variable name
Escape characters-
inside the String arguments of the println() method to move insertion point
two or more Strings (+) inbetween
Applet package-
two or more Strings (+) inbetween
Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT)-
included with SDK to provide programs access to color, draw methods, and other GUI elements commonly used in applets
Extends command-
added to class header along with the name of a class object and shares a common structure and behavior with its subclasses
Init() method
loads the initial setup of the applet when execution begins
Paint() method-
graphically draw text and an image on the applet screen after the applet is initialized.
Reference variable
when a method refers to an instance of an object, such as Graphics g
DrawString() method-
taken from the awt package draws text in the applet window
ToString() method
can be used to convert currentDate to a string
Image object-
declared before its method can be used
GetImage() method
used to load images into a method
GetDocumentBase() method-
- allows applet to pull image from current folder in which your applet class is stored
DrawImage() method-
specifies the location where the program should draw the graphic
SetBackground() method-
takes color object and its attribute to change the background color of the applet window.
markup, code specifying how web page content should display or link to other documents, start tag, end tag <>