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Programming language
set of words, symbols, and codes that enables a programmer to communicate instructions ot a computer
aka developers, design and write programs using a programming language or program development tools
instructions written by programmers
aka programming
high-level computer programming language
High-level languages
allow programmers to write instructions using Enlgish-like commands and words instead of cryptic numeric codes or memory addresses.
the particular set of rules or grammar that specifies how the instructions are to be written.
compact set of commands w/o numerous versions or adaptations of the same command.
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
approach to programming in which the data, and the code that operates on the data are packaged into a single unit called an object.
- represents an item such as a person, a piece of hardware, a section of reusable code, an event, or a transaction
Object-Oriented design (OOD)-
approach to program design that identifies how objects must interact with each other in order to solve a problem
Object-Oriented Programming
(OOP)- approach to programming in which the data, and the code that operates on the data are packaged into a single unit called an object.
programmers can use Java to develop programs that do not corrupt data by overwriting memory accidentally
Strongly typed language
- it checks for potential problems with different types of data
- programs are easy to protect from viruses and tampering
can be run on a variety of platforms other than the one in which it was created w/o requiring major rework.
underlying hardware and software for a system
Platform independent-
you can use Java to write and run a program on many platforms.
Java Software Development Kit (SDK)-
programming environment that allows you to build a wide range of Java program types.
program that tells a computer how to accept input from a user and how to produce output I response to those instructions.
Console application
console-mode application, uses a command-line interface, such as a command prompt window
Windowed application
GUI fro user input and program output with on-screen elements such as text boxes, buttons, menus, and toolbars to support user interaction.
a small program that can be downloaded and executed as part of a displayed Web Page.
the applet executes on the client machine
Java Web Start
- client-side helper application, spreadsheets, download etc.,
scripting tool, created by Netscape to insert code statements directlt into the HTML of a WebPage.
set of special codes called tags that specify how the text and other elements of a Web page display
a module of Java code that is hosted and run on a Web server rather than being launched from a browser
- involves storing Web pages, programs, and other file, which it delivers or serves to requesting computers
Server Software
responds to incoming requests and serves different forms of data, as well as interfacing with applications and servlets