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I listen to music while eating. (28)
ます-form ながら~
simultaneous action with emphasis on V2
This personal computer is easy to use. (44)
ます-form やすいです
This glass is strong so you can't break it too easily. (44)
ます-form にくいです
The company president has already gone home. (49)
(polite form)
おます-formに なります
instead of use of respectful verbs
Please wait a moment. (49)
おます-form くたさい
instruct sb to do smth politely.
I will send this month's schedule. (50)
(humble form)
おます-form します
I jog every morning. (28)
て-form います
The window is closed. (29)
て-form います
I haven't written my report yet. (31)
て-form いません
I left my umbrella in a train. (29)
て-form しまいます
express speaker's embarassment or regret in a difficult situation.
There is a map of the town affixed to the wall in the police box. (30)
て-form あります
for some purpose...
I will prepare before lessons. (30)
て-form おきます
completion of a necessary action by a given time, necessary action for the next step
I try putting on new shoes. (31)
て-form みます
My teacher corrected the errors in my letter. (41)
て-form いただきます
My dpt chief's wife taught me the tea ceremony. (41)
て-form くださいます
I made a paper airpplane for my son. (41)
て-form やります
Could you kindly introduce a good teacher to me? (26)(polite)
て-form いただきませんか
I'll just pop out to buy the tickets. (43)
て-form きます
(and come back...)
I walk to the station instead of taking the bus. (34)
ない-form ないで~
Because the sea has become dirty, we can no longer swim here. (36)
I've finally become able to ride a bicyle. (36)
ない-form なく なります
dict formように なります
change of state (possibility/ability)
Don't make noise on the train. (33)
dict formな
Drawing pictures is fun.
I like looking at the star.
I forgot to ring my wallet. (38)
This pair of scissors is used to cut flowers. (42)
dict formの~
I am saving money in order to have my own shop. (42)
dict formために、~
I brush my teeth after eating. (34)
た-form あとで、~
I joined the company just last month. (46)
た-form ばかりです
impression that time is short.
I'm thinking of establishing my own company in the future. (31)
volitional formと おもって います
I intend to buy a car next month. (31)
I don't intend to go home this year. (31)
dict form
ない-form + つもりです
I send the letter by special delivery so that it arrives earlier. (36)
dict form
ない-form + ように、~
I try to write my diary everyday. (36)
Please be sure you are not late. (36)
dict form
ない-form + ように します
The game is just about to start. (46)
dict form
たform   + ところです
You had better take exercise every day. (32)
ないform  + ほうが いいです
I'll go out without my umbrella. (34)
ないform ないで ,~
Subways are fast and inexpensive, so let's take the subway. (28)
plain formし、~
Mr. Miller said that he would go on a business trip to Osaka next week.
plain formと いって いました
According to the weather forecast, it will get colder tomorrow. (47)
plain form そうです