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(えい)が - Movie
(えい)しゃ - Projection
(うつ)る - To be reflected
ず(が) - A drawing
けい(かく) - Plan
えい(が) - Movie
(か)しゅ - Singer
(うた) - Song
(うた)う - To sing
(て) - Hand
じょうず - Skillful
はく(しゅ) - Applause
せん(しゅ) - Representative
みみ - Ear
はや(みみ) - Keen hearing
(みみ)がとおい - deaf
(はし)る - To run
(はし)りさる - To run away
きょう(そう) - Race
(お)きる - To wake up
(お)こす - To raise\awaken
(き)げん - Origin
(く)る - To come
(らい)ねん - Next year
しょう(らい) - Future