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How does Jane explain the Reed's dislike for her?
She is not like any of them, therefore she does not expect them to like her.
How is Mrs. Reed particularly cruel in locking Jane in the red room?
Mr. Reed died in the red room which makes Jane scared. she has no candle or any source of light and she is just a small child. When she thinks she sees Mr. Reed's ghost and Mrs. Reed still leaves her in there. She faints and becomes ill for a few days. She was punished for "attacking John" when, really, he had bullied her.
To whom does Jane compare John Reed?
She compares him to a murderer, a slave driver, and a Roman emperor.
With what do Bessie and Abbot threaten to bind Jane in the red room?
Abbot's garters
On whose advice does Mrs. Reed decide to send Jane to school?
Mr. Lloyd, the doctor.
What areas does Jane want to study at Lowood? At which does she show particular skill?
She wants to study French and drawing. She excelled in drawing.
What disease strikes Lowood? Of What does Helen Burns die?
Typhus fever strikes Lowood, but Helen Burns dies of consumption [tuburculosis]
Explain the difference between Jane's later companion at Lowood and Helen.
Jane's later companion was much more infomative than Helen. Jane liked to ask questions and her friend liked to inform. She was more of just a friend to have a good time with and not as loving or as close as Helen.
Helen Burns was the "Christ figure" in Jane's life. Her revolutionary church thinking encourages a strong religious influence for Jane's life. Helen teaches Jane to value her conscience, herself, and the theory of heaven and hell.
Where is Jane found on the morning after Helen's death?
Jane is found lying next to Helen in Miss Temple's room.
What does Jane want when she advertises for a position as a governess?
A new servitude
what is Jane's misconception when she first arrives at Thornfield?
She thinks that Mrs. Fairfax is the head of the household.
Explain Adele's history and her relationship to Rochester.
Adele's mother, Celine Varens, was Mr. Rochester's mistress. She told Rochester he was Adele's father and then abandoned the baby. She is his ward.
Describe Mr. Rochetster's mistresses.
Celine Varens-->French opera dancer
Giancinta-->italian, handsome, violent
Ciara-->german, handsome, quiet, heavy, mindless, unimpressible
Explain how Jane's wedding is thwarted.
Mrs. Mason, along with his lawyer, Mr. Briggs, shows up and says Mr. Rochesteris already legally married to Mr. Mason's sister, Bertha. While Mr. Rochester tries to play it off, they end up not getting marrired and Mr. Rochester takes them all to see Bertha and explains why he doesn't beleive they are actually married.
Jane's letter to her uncle was sent to Mr. Mason because they know eachother.
How does Rochester become entangled with Bertha Mason?
His father gave all his property to Rochester's older brother Rowland. Since Edward was left nothing, his father couldn't stand to have a poor son, so he arranged a marriage to Bertha Mason. She became insane, cheated, and drunk, about a year after they were married due to the genetic passage from her mother. This is ironic because about a year later, Rowland died, leaving Rochester the fortune, AND the crazy wife.
Why are Miss Ingram and her mother so rude to and about Jane?
They look down upon governesses. Also, they may sense some connection between Mr. Rochester and Jane. They didn't like their governesses when they were little.
Why might Miss Ingram dislike Jane?
Because if she marries Rochester, there will be anotehr to take some of his attention and money away from Blanche and she won't like that.
How do the other guests react to Mason? How does Rochester expect the to react?
To Mason, the other guests are entertained by him. they laugh with him and have conversations with him
Mr. Rochester thinks they will be alarmed or scared if he shares what he knows about the secret upstairs.
Why does Rochester disguise himself as a gypsy?
Mostly to find out how Jane feels for him. He also tells Miss Ingram that he is only woth 1/3 of what she thinks nto turn her away from him [this isn't true] This foreshadows a possible relationship between Mr. Rochester and Jane