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Why was the time when James Monroe was president called the era of good feeling?
b/c there was only one political party
What happens during the Adams-Onis Treaty?
the U.S. buys Florida from Spain
What was the Monroe Doctrine?
A formal foriegn policy statement written by Sec. of State John Q. Adams
Western Hemisphere is closed to __________________.
European colonization
The Monroe Doctrine states that the U.S. will defend any western hemisphere nation against any ___________________.
European attack
What is nationalism?
pride in one's country
What are the characteristics of nationalism.
-definite borders
-monitorary system
-government and law
-common history
-mutual goals
Who wrote the Missouri Compromise?
Henry Clay
The Missouri Compromise deals with the ____________.
Louisana Purchase
Missouri wants to enter the union as a _________ state.
Maine wants to enter the union as a _________state.
What was the significance of the Missouri Compromise?
it settled the question of slavery for a generation
Why want the South ever control the House of Representatives?
b/c the HOR is based on population
Why will the South control Senate?
b/c there are equal votes
What is needed to be an industrialized nation?
-raw materials
-market for goods
-Spirit of Enterprise
Who is the father of the American factory system?
Samuel Slater
What conflict would lead to the Civil War?
factory system v. farming system
What was Clay's American System?
An attempt to make America self-sufficient
What were internal improvements?
improvements inside the U.S. to make things better
ex. bridges, roads, Bank of the U.S.
Bank of the U.S. has to be changed ever ___ years.
_________ were the fastest mode of transportation.