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Is there a cause for Parkinson's disease?
Is there a cure for Parkinson's disease
Is it known how it progresses?
Yes. In the substantia nigra are cells that help control the body's automatic movements.
When do the symptoms begin?
when most of the substantia nigra cells have died or been destroyed
Symptoms of Parkinson's disease
1. limbs often tremble uncontrollably.
2. The most basic movements--walking, talking, swallowing, emptying your bladder are affected.
3. You fatigue more easily because everything is more of an effort; like you're wearing armor.
4. the upper body can contract => stooped posture makes breathing difficult. A normal person breathes 14-18 breaths a minute but patients are double that, because can't take deep breaths==> short breaths exhaust the muscles more
Advanced stages of the disease
1. patients need help doing basic things like getting dressed, going to the bathroom.
2. To go out, need people around you, making sure you won't fall and break something (reflexes or strength to prevent crashing)
3. You have trouble turning over in bed at night.
4. Eating is a major problem because swallowing is really a complicated process, involving coordination of several set of muscles; your windpipe must close off automatically; otherwise you can choke to death.
5. dementia is sometimes a problem
Why hospitalization poses as problem
1. possibility of an infection (alot of drug-resistant bacteria), coughing is crucial to removing the infection if a respiratory infection sets in. But they don't cough well, with their weakened muscles. Coughing brings up mucus from the lungs, otherwise you choke to death
Standard treatment
Short term suppressant of tremors
apomorphine hydrochloride