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1. List three ways Andrew Jackson appealed to the common man.
1. Raised in the poor south
2. Little formal education
3. Fought for the common man in the Bank Crisis
2. How did Andrew Jackson "step on" the Constitution with the removal of the Cherokee?
Went against the decision by the Supreme Court to allow Cherokee to stay in Georgia
3. Where were the Cherokee forced to move as a result of the Indian Removal Act?
4. List three reasons why congress passed the Indian Removal Act of 1830.
1. Jackson didn't think that assimilation of Indians would work
2. Too many white settlers wanted the lands
3. The US would give them better lands than their homelands
5. "Jacksonian Democracy" may be described as an effort to
make government more directly responsible to the people
6. How were Native American victimized?
1. Removing their source of food (buffalo)
2. exposing native americans to new diseases
3. settlers taking native american land without due process
7. What present day state did most Cherokee live in before they were forced westward?
8. Who was forced to march the "Trail of Tears"?
9. In a controversial presidential election decided by the House of Representatives, John Quincy Adams defeated __________. Why was this election scandalous?
Andrew Jackson, Jackson received more electoral and popular votes but lost the election
10. What was the practice of replacing high-ranking members of the Executive branch when a new president takes office called? Which president started this practice?
Spoils System, Andrew Jackson
11. What voting requirement was dropped during the presidency of John Quincy Adams?
Land Ownership
12. How did Presidents Jackson increase presidential power?
Using the veto more than all previous Presidents
13. What did the national bank symbolize to Jackson?
Eastern Elites wealth and power
14. What does the doctrine of Manifest Destiny refer to?
American right to expand to the Pacific Coast
15. List three reasons why Americans migrated westward.
1. to claim land for farming, ranching, and mining
2. to escape religious persecution
3.seek employment
16. List three ways the American government acquired lands in the west
1. Louisiana Territory was purchased from france
2. oregon was acquired through negotiation with Britain
3. Territory was purchased from Mexico after the war
17. List three effects of the gold rush
1. Influenced thousands of people to settle the new state of California
2. It brought a significant amount of diversity to california
3. Increased the desire of americans to take over more western lands
18. Those who believed in Manifest destiny believed that American should own land from the _ _________Ocean to the __________________ Ocean.
Atlantic ocean to the Pacific Ocean
19. Put the following geographic features in the order that wagon trains would have encountered them: Pacific Ocean, Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Mississippi River
Mississippi River, Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Pacific Ocean
20. Generally, settlers went west to find ______________.
Find inexpensive land
21. Within the United States, what conflict delayed the annexation of Texas?
The balance of free and slave states
22. What was the nickname of the Republic of Texas?
Lone Star Republic
23. Why did many Americans move to Texas when it was owned by Mexico?
1. Religious Freedom
2. To expand slavery without opposition
3. Inexpensive Land
Chapter 9 Section Four
24. The main cause of the war between Mexico and the United States resulted from a dispute over_______________________?
Southern boundary of Texas
25. List three large causes of the Mexican American War.
1. Desire of many Americans to expand
2. Annexation of Texas by the United States
3. Pro-slavery groups who were in favor of an increase in the number of slave states
26. Why were many Americans against the war with Mexico?
Believed the war was a plot by Southerners to expand slavery and dominate national politics
27. List the provisions (parts) of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago.
1. Us gained land later to be identified as California and Arizona
2. Mexico forced to sell great expanses of land to US
3. Definitive border between US and Mexico
What was gained in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which ended the Mexican-American war
37. Mexican Cession
This was incorporated into the US after a brief war with Mexico
38. Texas Annexation
This was created by the treaty of paris which ended the American Revolution
39. The U.S. in 1783
Bought from France for 4 cents per acre
41. Louisiana Purchase
Gained in an agreement between Britain and the US
42. Oregon Territory
Gained from Spain in the Adams-Onis Treaty
43. Flordia Cession
US president who greatly expanded the Executive branches power
44. Andrew Jackson
US president whose aspirations for territorial gain landed our country what is now the American Southwest "54/40 or Fight"
50. James C. Polk
President Andrew Jackson is known for being the first president elected as a member of this party
52. Democratic Party
Famous general during the Texan war for independence and later the new nation's first and only president
48. Sam Houston
What are 3 parts of the Monroe Doctrine?
America will stay out of European affairs

Europe will not add colonies in the Western Hemisphere
America will not try to overthrow European colonies in the Western Hemisphere
. The Monroe Doctrine is an example of a (n) _____________ foreign policy
What was the purpose of high protective tariffs?
To protect the success and growth of American industry
Who said, “The bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me, but I will kill it.”
Andrew Jackson
. Which of the following was a reason that the Bank of the U.S. was a privileged institution that only served the needs of a small group
The bank extended loans to the rich at much lower rates than to the average American citizen
“Pet Banks” were named because they ______.
Were loyal to the Democratic Party and Andrew Jackson
Why was the Whig Party formed?
To oppose the policies of Andrew Jackson
How did South Carolina react to the Tariff of Abominations?
John Calhoun drafted a document that declared the tariff null and void and South Carolina threatened to secede from the country
The concept of Nullification promoted the idea of ______.
States Rights
The “Tariff of Abominations” was a name given to a protective tariff by those who thought it made the South suffer while helping ______.
Industries in the northeast
Nicknamed the "great compromiser". Encouraged the election of John Quincy Adams. Negotiated a tariff agreement between the North and South. Member of the Whigs
Henry Clay
Named the Tariff of 1828 the “Tariff of Abominations” and authored the South Carolinian strategy for nullification of it.
John C. Calhoun
This political party was formed largely in response to many of President Jackson’s policies and actions.
Whig Party
President Andrew Jackson is known for being the first chief executive elected as a member of this party
Democratic Party
What are the Social Aspects of Manifest Destiny?
Escape from religious persecution (Mormons)
Belief that all people should own plot of land to keep the country free
People wanted to find new ways of life
What are the Political Aspects of Manifest Destiny?
Fear of Spanish, French, English, and Mexican power
Desire to spread Democracy and the American way of life.
Desire to spread the institution of slavery
What are the Economic aspects of Manifest Destiny?
Belief that people could become more wealthy (Gold rush, natural resources.)
Land speculators bought huge tracts of land and sold it for a profit