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progressive era
government tries to assert control through new agencies and regulations
Roosevelt's name for journalists who focus on negative things in society
what magazine first wanted to do trustbusting

what co did they start with

rockefeller's standard oil (monopoly on 90% of american oil supply)
who got the standard oil muckraking story
ida minerva tarbell
what did muckrakers find ot abt standard oil?
illegal practices to undercut competition and swindle people of money
ida tarbell's Standard Oil source?
teenager working for standard oil documenting that rockefeller paid RR workers to misroute cars
how many articles in standard oil series
18 not 3
result of standard oil trust bust
hepburn act - prevented preferential rr treatment

disbanded standard oil into 38 small companies (bc violated sherman anti-trust act)

rockefeller > philahtropist
ray stannard baker
power of labor unions

mniers are threatened to join the union
other muckraking stories
drugs, labor unions threats, child labor, amerian labor force, millionaire's club
what do muckrakers cause in general
moral awakening of the masses