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The set of variables that are in the solution, have positive, nonzero values, and are listed in the solution mix column. They are also called basic variables.
Basis? (Check this)
The row containing the new profit or loss that will result from introducing ne unit of the variable indicated in that column into the solution.
C3-Z Row
The basic feasible solution that is the set of variables presently in the solution. It corresponds to a corner point of the feasible region.
Current Solution
A condition that arises when there is a tie in the value used to determine which variable will enter the solution next. It can lead to cycling back and forth between two nonoptimal solutions.
The situation in which there is no solution that satisfies all of the problems constraints
A process (algorithm) that repeats the same steps over and over.
Interative Procedure
Variables not in the solution mix or basis. Non basic variables are equal to zero.
Nonbasic Variables
The number at the intersection of the pivot row and pivot column
Pivot Number
The column with the largest positive number in the Cj-Zj row of a maximization problem, or the largest negative Cj-Zj improvement value in a minimization problem. It indicates which variable will enter the solution next.
Pivot Column
The row corresonding to the variable that will leve the basis in order to make room for the variable entering (as indicated by the new pivot column). This is the smallest positive ratio found by dividing the quantity column values by the pivot column values for each row
Pivot Row
Alternative ways of stating an LP problem
Primal-Dual Relationship
A column in the simplex tableau that gives the numeric value of each variable in the solution mix column.
Quantity Column
The range of values over which a non-basic variables coefficient can vary without causing a change in the optimal solution mix
Range of Insignificance
The range of values over which a basic variable's coefficient can change without causing a change in the optimal solution mix
Range of Optimality
A method used to find the range over which shadow prices remain valid.
Right-hand-side ranging
The coefficients of slack variables in the Cj-Zj row. They represent the value of one additional unit of a resource.
Shadow Prices
A matrix algebra method for solving LP problems.
Simplex Method
A table for keeping track of calculations at each iteration of the simplex method.
Simplex Tableau
A variable added to less-than-or equal-to constraints in order to create an equality for a simplex method. It represents a quantity of unused resource.
Slack Variable
A column in the simplex tableau that contains all the basic variables in the solution
Solution Mix
The coefficients in the central body of each simplex table. They indicate the number of units of each basic variable that must be removed from the solution if a new variable (as represented at any column head) is entered.
Substitution Rates
A variable inserted in a greater-than or equal to constraint to creat an equality . It represents the amount of resource usage above the minimum required usage.
Surplus Variable
A condition describing LP maximization problems having solutions that can become infintely large without violatiing any stated constraints
The row containing the figures for gross profit or loss given up by adding one unit of variable into the solution
Zj row
A variable that has no meaning in a physical sense but acts as a tool to help generate an initial LP solution
Artificial Variable
A solution to an LP problem that sponds<-(??)to a corner point of freasible region.
Basic Feasible Solution.