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What are the phases of ITIL?
Service Strategy
Service Design
Service Transition
Service Operation
Continual Service Improvement
What are the processes of Service Strategy?
Service Portfolio Mgmt
Demand Mgmt
Financial Mgmt
What are the processes of Service Design?
Service Catalog Mgmt
Service Level Mgmt
Availability Mgmt
Capacity Mgmt
IT Service Continuity Mgmt (ITSCM)
Information Security Mgmt (ISM)
Supplier Mgmt
What are the processes of Service Transition?
Change Mgmt
Service Asset and Configuration Mgmt (SACM)
Release and Deployment Mgmt
Knowledge Mgmt
Transition Planning and Support
Service Validation and Testing
What are the processes of Service Operation?
Event Mgmt
Incident Mgmt
Problem Mgmt
Access Mgmt
Request Fulfillment
What are the functions of Service Operation?
Service Desk
Technical Mgmt
IT Operations Mgmt
Application Mgmt
Which phase has functions as well as processes?
Service Operation
What are the steps of Continual Service Improvement?
Define what you should measure

Define what you can measure

Gather the data. Who? How? When? Integrity of the data?

Process the data. Frequency, format, system, accuracy.

Analyze the data. Relationships, trends, according to plan, targets met, corrective action?

Present and use the information assessment summary action plans, etc.

Implement corrective action.
What phase does Service Portfolio Mgmt fall under?
Service Strategy
What phase does Demand Mgmt fall under?
Service Strategy
What phase does Financial Mgmt fall under?
Service Strategy
What phase does Service Catalog Mgmt fall under?
Service Design
What phase does Service Level Mgmt fall under?
Service Design
What phase does Availability Mgmt fall under?
Service Design
What phase does Capacity Mgmt fall under?
Service Design
What phase does Supplier Mgmt fall under?
Service Design
What phase does IT Service Continuity Mgmt fall under?
Service Design
What phase does Information Security Mgmt fall under?
Service Design
What phase does Change Mgmt fall under?
Service Transition
What phase does Service Asset & Configuration Mgmt fall under?
Service Transition
What phase does Release and Deployment fall under?
Service Transition
What phase does Knowledge Mgmt fall under?
Service Transition
What phase does Transition Planning and Support fall under?
Service Transition
What phase does Service Validation and Testing fall under?
Service Transition
What phase does Evaluation fall under?
Service Transition
What phase does Event Mgmt fall under?
Service Operation
What phase does Incident Mgmt fall under?
Service Operation
What phase does Problem Mgmt fall under?
Service Operation
What phase does Access Mgmt fall under?
Service Operation
What phase does Request Fulfillment fall under?
Service Operation
What phase does Service Desk fall under?
Service Operation
What phase does Technical Mgmt fall under?
Service Operation
What phase does IT Operations Mgmt fall under?
Service Operation
What phase does Application Mgmt fall under?
Service Operation
What is the primary objective of Service Mgmt?
To ensure that IT processes are aligned with business needs and actively support them.
What is a service?
A means of delivering value to customers facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve

...without the ownership of specific costs and risks.
What is Service Mgmt?
A set of specialized organizational capabilities

...for providing value to customers the form of services.
What are the inputs to Service Management?
The resources and capabilities that represent the assets of the service provider.
What are the outputs from Service Mgmt?
The services that provide value to the customer.
What is ITIL?
A public framework that describes Best Practice in IT Service Mgmt.
How is Service Value defined?
In terms of the customer's perceived business outcomes.
How is Service Value described?
In terms of the combination of two components:
- Service Utility
- Service Warranty
What is Service Utility?
What the customer gets in terms of outcomes supported or constraints removed.
What is Service Warranty?
How the service is delivered, and its fitness for use in terms of availability, capacity, continuity, and security.
What are the three types of Service Provider?
Provides service to:

I: one business unit in a firm
II: multiple business units
III: external customers
ITIL can be used to transform capabilities into assets, by increasing the service provider's potential from their...
...capabilities and resources.

Capability: ability to deploy resources.

Resources: direct inputs for the production of services: financial, capital, infrastructure, applications, information, and people.
What is the purpose of Demand Mgmt?
To understand and influence customer demand for services and the provision of capacity to meet those demands.
What are the Four P's of Design?
What does a Service Design package do?
Defines all aspects of an IT service and its requirements through each stage of its lifecycle.
What is a process?
A set of activities designed to accomplish a specific objective

…takes defined inputs and turns them into defined outputs

...may include roles, responsibilities, tools, and management controls required to deliver the outputs
What is a model?
A specific way of handling something.
What is another way of thinking about a function?
A team and the tools they use to carry out one or more processes or activities.
What's the difference between utility and warranty?
Utility: fit for purpose
Warranty: fit for use
What's the difference between a process and a procedure?
Processes are specifically defined by ITIL. High level

Procedures are the steps that make up a process, more precise.
How is a process defined, in regards to time?
Measurable, but time is not specified.
What's the difference between the Service Portfolio and the Service Catalog?
The Service Portfolio is like a menu. Past, present, or future offerings.

The Service Catalog is details of each current offering (menu item).
Risk Mgmt: is it a process? If not, what is it?
Risk Management is not a process, it's an activity that's done in multiple processes
_____ and _____ are everybody's job.
Security and continuous improvement.
Two parts of Service Catalog Mgmt
Business service catalog (visible to customer, like menu)

Technical service catalog (not visible to customer, like cookbook)
What phase does warranty of services, and what are the four processes within warranty?
In Service Design.

Processes are:
Availability Mgmt
Capacity Mgmt
Information Security Mgmt
IT Service Continuity Mgmt
What does DIKW stand for, and where do the components "live"?
Data, information, knowledge, wisdom.

All live in computers but for wisdom, which lives in people.
What dos RACI stand for?
IT Operations Mgmt is about...
...maintaining the status quo.
What does Technical Mgmt do?
Hardware and possibly database admin.
Service Desk handles...
Standard changes
Three types of skills for SvD agents
- People skills
- Business knowledge
- Technical skills
Service Desk's first attempt at fix from...?

Others steps could include...?
Known Error Database

KEDB stands for?
Known Error Database
Deming cycle?

Part of what phase?

Part of Continual Service Improvement
PDCA stands for...?

Part of what phase?

Part of Continual Service Improvement
Mnemonic for Plan, Do, Check, Act
reverse alphabetical order
A problem is...?
...the unknown cause of multiple incidents.
When the cause of a problem is discovered, it's no longer a problem, but rather...?
A known error
A problem stays open until...
...there is a permanent fix (not just a workaround)
What does STAMP stand for?
What does Access Mgmt do?
Enforces security policy (grants authorized users the right to use a service)
Is a change to a business strategy within the scope of Change Mgmt?
No, because a business strategy is not a configuration item.
What are some examples of Configuration Items?
Is testing an objective of Service Operation?
No, testing is an objective of Service Transition.
Which process is responsible for recording relationships between service components?
Service Asset and Configuration Mgmt (SACM)

Its purpose is to record service assets and CIs, including "their attributes and relationships"
What is the RACI model used for?
RACI is the responsibility model used by ITIL to help allocate roles and responsibilities of processes
What is an OLA? What does it stand for?
An operational level agreement is an agreement between an IT service provider and another part of the same organization.
What is the main goal or purpose of availability management?
The main goal is ensure that the level of service availability delivered in all services matched to or exceeds the current and future agreed needs of the business.

A minor goal is to monitor and report availability of components.
Which of the following does Service Transition provide guidance on?
- Introducing new services
- Decommissioning services
- Transfer of services between service providers
All three, because all three involve major change.
What does SKMS stand for?
Service Knowledge Mgmt System
What does the SKMS contain?
Layers: presentation, knowledge processing, information integration

The Configuration Mgmt System (CMS)

Change Records

Other records: incident, event, problem, service requests, KEDB

Systems: availability, capacity, information security
What does the CMS contain?
The Service Portfolio

the CMDB

SLAs and OLAs

the DML

Supplier and Contract Database (SCD)


Access Rights

Service Releases

Users, groups, and roles
True or false?

SKMS contains the
CMS, which contains the
True or false?

SKMS contains the
CMS, which contains the
Service Portfolio, which contains the
Service Catalog, which contains the
Business Service Catalog, and the
Technical Service Catalog
What are 3 components of Capacity Mgmt?
- Business
- Service
- Component
Are software licenses stored in the DML?
Which process is responsible for reviewing OLAs on a regular basis?
Service Level Mgmt
Which role should ensure that process documentation is current and available?
The process owner.
Characteristics of a process
- measurable
- delivers a specific result
- delivers results to customer or stakeholder
The information security policy should be available to which groups of people?
All customers, users, and IT staff
Name valid elements of a Service Design Package.
Service definition
The SKMS is part of what phase?
Service Transition
Designing the CMS is an activity of which process?
Service Asset and Configuration Mgmt
Technology metrics are likely to be created within what process?
Capacity Mgmt or another Design process
Service Level Management includes...
...monitoring service performance against SLAs
What is the purpose of Event Mgmt?
The ability to detect events
...make sense of them
...and determine the appropriate control action
The purpose of Service Catalog Mgmt is...
To ensure that a Service Catalog is produce and maintained, containing accurate information on all operational services
"Warranty of a service" means...?
Customers are assured of certain levels of:

A workaround is...
The technique used to restore service based on an incident which has been seen before.
Incident models are designed to...
Provide reusable steps that can be used to restore service after known incident types.
What is the correct sequence of activities for handling an incident?
- identification
- logging
- categorization
- prioritization
- initial diagnosis
- functional escalation
- investigation and diagnosis
- resolution and recovery
- closure
What are the ITIL phases that Continual Service Improvement (CSI) does NOT help improve?
None. CSI contributes to all phases of the Service Management lifecycle
True or false:

Risk assessment is carried out by
- Service Continuity Mgmt
- Information Security Mgmt
- Service Catalog Mgmt

No risk assessment in Service Catalog Mgmt
Which of the following are types of metrics described in CSI?

- Process
- Service
- Personnel
- Technology
All but personnel metrics
The Service Desk is the single...
Point of contact for IT users
The Service Desk manager may often be the Incident Mgmt process owner, but not...
The Problem Mgmt process owner
What is the role of the ECAB (Emergency Change Advisory Board)?
To assist the Change Manager in evaluating emergency changes and to decide whether they should be approved
Which phase do the Four P's fall under?
Service Design
What's the best course of action to take when a problem workaround is found?
The problem record remains open and details of the workaround are documented within it.
Input from which processes should be considered when negotiating SLAs?
Given that all processes may be involved in delivering the service, SLM may consult them all when negotiating agreements
True or false:

Service Desk should perform root cause analysis on every call?
False. Service Desk does not have time or training to find the root cause on every call. This is the job of Problem Mgmt.
Performance issues are the realm of which process?
Capacity Mgmt
CSF stands for...?
Critical Success Factor
KPI stands for...?
Key Performance Indicator
KPIs are derived from...?
CSFs (Critical Success Factors)
What maintains relationships between all service components?
The CMS is responsible for its various data sources (CMDBs, etc.) and their relationships.
The DML contains definitive (master) copies of

- software
- documents
- both
Where would you find the answer to a question about how IT resources and capabilities should be allocated across the service lifecycle?
This is among the goals/objectives of Service Portfolio Mgmt.
SACM stands for...?
Service Asset and Configuration Mgmt
True or false?

All processes must have an owner
In which phase of the service lifecycle is it decided what services should be offered, and to whom?
Service Strategy
What is an event?
An occurrence that has significance for the management of an IT service.
Which service lifecycle phase is responsible for ensuring that measurement methods will provide the required metrics for new or changed services?
Service Design