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What the key words for the Release Management?
Plans designs builds configures tests controls.
What is the mission?
Ensure there is a known state release for the IT infrastructure and controls the proper distribution of documents, hardware and software.
What is the difference between a full release and a package release?
A full release is all components of release unit built together.
A package release is disparate components being released in the infrastructure.
What is the library that contains the master copies of software?
Definitive software library (DSL)
Where are spare hardware parts stored?
Definitive hardware store (DHS)
What is the difference between a rollout verses implementation?
Rollout is how releases are distributed in the IT environment
Implementation is the actual installation of the release.
What are some of the key benefits of Release?
• Improves the quality of service by extensive release planning and testing.
• Reduces cost of trouble-shooting.
• Controls software licensing expenditures.
• Reduces the risk of unknown propagation of illicit software.
• Provides strategic management of expenditures on software and hardware.
• Lowers the cost of service through increased success of implementations.