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text box & text box tool
You use a text box to give the user an area in which to enter data. A text box is instantiated using the TextBox tool.
primary window
A primary window is a window in which the primary viewing and editing of your application's data takes place.
dialog box
A dialog box is a window that supports and supplements a user's activities in a primary window.
FormBorderStyle property
A form's FormBorderStyle propery allows you to specify the border style of the form.
MinimizeBox property & MaximizeBox property
The MinimizeBox property and MaximizeBox property control the display of the Minimize and Maximize buttons on a form's title bar.
ControlBox property
The ControlBox property allows you to remove the Control menu box, as well as the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons, from a form's title bar.
group box control,
panel control, and
table layout panel control
You can use the group box control, the
panel control, and the table layout panel control to group related controls together.
sentence capitalization
Sentence capitalization means you capitalize only the first letter in the first word and in any words that are customarily capitalized.
book title capitalization
Book title capitalization means you capitalize the first letter in each word, except for articles, conjunctions, and prepositions that do not occur at either the beginning or the end of the caption.
Font property
An object's Font property allows you to change the type, style, and size of the font used to display the text in the object.
A font is the general shape of the characters in the text.
A point is a font measurement and is equal to 1/72 of an inch.
A serif is a light cross stroke that appears at the top or bottom of a character.
access key
An access key is the underlined character in an object's identifying label or caption. An access key allows the user to select the object using the Alt key in combination with the character.
TabIndex property
The TabIndex property determines the order in which a control receives the focus when the user presses either the Tab key or an access key while the application is running.
When a control has the focus, it can accept user input.
default button and
AcceptButton property
A default button can be selected by pressing the Enter key even when the button does not have the focus. You specify the default button (if any) by setting the form's AcceptButton property.
cancel button and
CancelButton property
A cancel button can be selected by pressing the Esc key. You specify the cancel button (if any) by setting the form's CancelButton property.
ShowDialog method
and modal form
You use the ShowDialog method to display a modal form, which is a form that requires the user to take some action in the form before he or she can continue working in the application.
Timer tool, timer control,
and Interval property
You use the Timer tool to create a timer control, whose purpose is to process code at one or more regular intervals. The interval is specified in the timer control's Interval property.
Enabled property
A timer's Enabled property indicates the timer's state, which is either running or stopped.
component tray
The component tray is a special area in the IDE. It stores controls that do not appear in the interface when the application is running.
BackColor property
the background color of a control is specified in the control's BackColor property.
ForeColor property
The color of a control's text is specified in the control's ForeColor property.
Load event
A form's Load event occurs when an application is started and the form is displayed the first time.