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What two items are confidence levels used for?
budget and schedule estimates
What is the most-used form of conflict resolution?
What are three standard ways to terminate a project?
inclusion, integration and extinction
In terms of conflict resolution, what does withdrawing mean?
manager retreats from problem
What is the difference between duration and effort?
duration is a period of time; effort is actual man-hours
In terms of conflict resolution, what is confronting?
forcing antagonists to face the conflict directly
What is trade-off analysis?
analysis of one change to a project versus another
When are compromises best made?
after both sides have calmed down
Should a performance evaluation be performed when a team member leaves the project or at termination?
When they leave the project- could be a long time before project is terminated
What is the best way to accomodate change in a project?
tell team members about change & ask for recommendations
What is the second step in creating a zero-based budget (ZBB)?
list cost and schedule needs next to each item
What are the five approaches to resolving conflicts?
withdrawing, smoothing, compromising, forcing and confronting
What document is used as an input for the schedule?
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
At what stage are conflicts usually strongest?
At project termination, what is inclusion?
project is absorbed into parent organization
What is the big drawback of smoothing?
conflict likely to return later
What are the three components of a final evaluation?
project assessment, written report, team member performance reviews
When is forcing recommended?
only when all other methods have failed
What is the first step in creating a zero-based budget (ZBB)?
assembling a list of goals or tasks sorted according to priority
When is smoothing most effective?
when areas of agreement can be identified & conflict is relatively unimportant
In project termination, what is integration?
team members are reintegrated into parent organization at conclusion of project
In terms of conflict resolution, what is smoothing?
emphasizing areas of agreement & avoiding areas of disagreement
What is a zero-based budged (ZBB) used for?
separating must-do items from like-to-do items
In terms of conflict resolution, what is forcing?
using a position of influence to force resolution of a conflict
Is a project that is terminated due to unforeseen changes in the environment considered failed?
no- just brought to fruition
What are the four types of people conflicts?
intrapersonal, interpersonal, intragroup and intergroup
In project termination, what is extinction?
team members are fired at conclusion of project
When is withdrawing useful?
when conflict is petty or will resolve itself
What is 'crashing'?
completing a task at an unusually fast pace to meet a deadline
What is an answer-back diagram?
a simple model made by a vendor to demonstrate understanding of specifications
Which process involves formal acceptance by stakeholders of deliverables?
scope verification
What is the most common form of project termination?
Is a WBS heirachical?
Which 2 process groups provide potentially cyclical inputs to each other?
executing and controlling
What is the main deliverable of the initiation phase?
What is 'buying the job'?
bidding at or below cost to get a job
What is the best defense against functional managers pulling team members off the team?
a powerful sponsor
What tool makes final project reports relatively easy?
a project diary
How is confidence level expressed?
as a percentage
What two subcategories should requirements be divided into?
functional and business
What are the two requirements for a successful project?
project completed on time and within budget