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Should the consequences of not meeting a budget be described in a scope document?
What is another name for a business analyst?
Subject Matter Expert (SME)
What is a 'phase review'?
Review of process quality so far
What phase includes team management?
Who is responsible for identifying and mitigating project risk?
the project manager
Who signs the project charter?
the sponsor
Should the plus or minus tolerance of a budget be listed in the scope document?
What is the definition of a successful project?
one that meets or exceeds stakeholder expectations
What is wrong with the completion criteria "system will present a browser-based interface"?
Doesn't provide metrics
What are the functions of an executive sponsor?
signing of charter and authorization of resource use
What are the four elements of a project's scope?
Project justification, product to be produced, deliverables, and success criteria
What are the two components of the 'figuring out' process?
investigation of the customer request; expressing understanding of request
What is the 'TQB Equation'?
the interplay of time, quality and budget
In terms of resource loss, who has the most at risk with any given project?
the sponsor
Should the budget credit limit be listed in the scope document?
What is the key element in differentiating between a project and a business process?
a business process is ongoing
Should a project's account signatories be listed in a scope document?
What is an executive sponsor?
a project sponsor that has the capability to authorize the project and expenditure of resources
When creating a scope document, what is one assumption you are forced to make?
that promised resources will be available
What phase is a project in when project requirements are being discussed with the customer?
What are the three primary constraints on a project?
time; quality; budget
Who usually publishes the project charter?
the sponsor
In what phase are the scope and project plan defined?
planning phase
Which phase is the most frequently forgotten?
What are the four major components of a project?
phases; deliverables; people; constraints
Whose responsibility is it to obtain formal approval by the sponsor?
the project manager
What are the three main elements around which the requirements and scope documents are centered?
project stakeholders; project budget; project completion date
Does the charter need to be rewritten if the PM changes?
No, but change should be noted in the charter
Who is responsible for accepting or not accepting risks associated with a project?
the customer
What is one of the biggest problems associated with assessing project costs?
the delay between formulating costs and approval
Should the location of contingency funds be listed in the scope document?
How many executive sponsors are generally preferred?
What parts of a scope document together represent the final product that the project is supposed to produce?
the deliverables
What are the minimum components of a project charter?
business-case analysis and the project manager
When does a phase review occur?
When a milestone occurs
What is the 'payback period'?
The length of time it takes the project to pay for itself
What is a 'showstopper'?
any risk whose actualization could force cancellation of a project
Who normally authors the project charter?
the project manager
At what stage should the executive sponsor become involved in the project?
at the signing of the charter
Is the project manager considered a stakeholder?
What are the six required elements of a scope document?
project background, deliverables, estimated completion date, budget information, project sponsor, assumptions
Which comes first, a project concept document or a business-case analysis?
business-case analysis