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What are important aspects of automated information systems (AIS) facility management?
Technical administration and support.
What is the most common support you will deal with?
Logistical support
What term is assigned to the entire communications effort of the Department of the Navy, both afloat and ashore?
Naval Communications
What facility always provides the interface between the NTS and DCS?
Shore communications facility
What agency gives operational direction to the DCS?
The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
What publications can you find address groups?
ACP 100 & ACP 100 U.S. Supp-1
How many digits make up the date time group?
The CMS custodian is designated in writing by what person to maintain the CMS account for the command?
The commanding officer
What are the three types of inventories?
Fixed-cycle, Special and Combined
What CMS inventory is used to ensure that all accounts satisfy the national requirements for a semiannual inventory of keymat and an annual inventory of equipment and publications?
Fixed-cycle inventory
Where can you find procedures governing the CMS?
What CMS inventory satisfies the Navy requirement to conduct and document the mandatory Change of Command and Custodian inventories?
Special SF 153
In what order must keying material be destoryed?
Superseded, effective, reserve
The cryptovariables are divided into how many types?
Which cryptovariable is the most readily and frequently changed element of a cryptosystem?
What is the ultimate AIS asset?
What are the five areas of consideration for the Navy's AIS security program?
Hardware, data, human resources, software and communications.
What temperature should be maintained in the computer facility?
72 degrees Fahrenheit, +/- 2 degrees
What is one major element of any commands physical security program?
Fire protection
To what degree must media be destoryed?
Beyond recognition
What are the ways classified material can be destoryed?
By burning, pulping, pulverizing or shredding.
How does the CPU communicate with the peripheral devices?
Through input/output channels
In a computer, what is the working memory called?
Random-access memory (RAM)
What are the two types of duplex channels?
Half-duplex and full-duplex
What is the acronym for modulator-demodulator?
What device can operate in either serial or parallel mode?
What do networks consist of?
Nodes that are interconnected by links.
What are nodes?
The hardware, such as computers, terminals, hard disks, printers, etc.
Login procedures that are accomplished by dialing into an access server is known by what term?
Remote access
What must network modems have that can be used as remote access servers?
A network interface card (NIC) compatible with the network to which the modem is providing access.