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closed shop
company can only hire union workers, outlawed in 1947
union shop
company can hire nonunion people, but after a period of time they must join and pay dues
agency shop
employees that do not belong to the union sill pay union dies, under the assumption that the union activity benefits all
open shop
it is up to the workers to join if they want
right to work laws
ban the requirement of union membership for employment, outlaw any form of union security
yellow dog contracts
management could require nonunion membership as a condition of employment
period of strong encouragement
Norris LaGuardia act: gave each employee the right to bargain collectively free form interference, restraint or coercion
national labor relations act(wagner)
bans certain labor practices, provides secret ballot voting, and majority rule for unionization. added on to the NLG act
period of modified encouragement with regulation
taft hartley act: reflected the publics less enthusiastic attitudes towards unions. protected the rights of employees against their unions and gave employers certain rights
pattern makers v. NLRB
found union guilt for fining workers for leaving the union during a strike and returning for work
period of detailed regulations of internal union affairs
landrum-griffin act: amendment to the wagner act. aimed at protecting union members from possible wrongdoing on the pat of the unions
union drive steps
initial contact, authorization cards, hearing, campaign, and election
union salting
undercover union organizers are hired into an organization
voluntary bargaining items
become part of negotiation through joint agreement of both groups
there are insurmountable disagreements. msut get passed this before signing the contract
a third party assists to try to help reach an agreement, does not have authority to insist on position or make concession
fact finder
neutral third party, studies the situation and makes a public recommendation of a reasonable settlement
may have the power to decide and dictate settlement terms
binding arbitration
parties commit to accept the arbitrators decision
compulsory arbitration
imposed by gov
economic strike
results from failure to come to an agreement
unfair labor practice strike
protest illegal conduct by the employer (wildcat and sympathy)
wildcat strike
unauthorized strike during the term of a contract
sympathy strike
a union strikes in support of another strike
corporate campaign
organized effort by the union to put pressure on the corporation by pressuring the company's other unions, shareholders, directors, customers, creditors, and gov agencies
inside games
union efforts to convince employees to impede or disrupt production
refusal by the employers to provide opportunities to work, prohibiting employees form doing their job
injunctive relief
a court order compelling a party to either resume or to desist a certain action
grievance process
not supposed to renegotiate contract points, it aims to clarify the points
occupational safety and health act
assure as far as possible every working man and women in the US safe and healthy working conditions and to preserve our human resources
the total depletion of physical and mental resources caused by excessive striving to reach an unrealistic work related goal
gender motivated violence act
part of violence against women act. imposes significant liabilities on employers whose women employees become violence victims
mechanical security
locks, alarms, surveillance, reduce the need of human surveillance
natural security
taking advantage of the natural or architectural feature to minimize security problems
organizational security
using good management to improve security
works cousils
formal employee elected groups of worker representatives that meet monthly with managers to discuss topics ranging form no smoking policies to layoffs
co determination
employees have the legal right to a voice in setting company policies
belief that home country attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, and managers are superior to anything the host country can offer
belief that only host country managers can ever really understand the culture and behavior of the host country market, therefore managers should be local
believe that they must scour the firms whole management staff on global basis to find the best person for the job
balance sheet approach
balances out the purchasing power across countries