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accomplishments of muhammad

mouthpiece of allah

helped islam reach definite form

battle of badr, helped battle polytheism
messsages of the koran
montoheistic religion

righteous deeds

only true religion w god is islam

shunse those who do not believe
relationship between god and muhammad
quran dictated through muhhamad

put down the words of allah on paer

quran dictates muhammad as the final prophet

he is the mouthpiece of god
nature of prophecy
talks about progession towards prophetic state

1. bodily senses
2. ability to discern
3. develop intellect
unnamed stage where one sees the unseen and the future
male and female perspective
different but equal qualities

sexuality- love emphasized


women are suppose to hide physical beauty- veil

family structure raround male

men given dominion over women

certain rights given to men
religion and society
brotherly, sisterly love

hadith- groundings of social beliefs

approves of force (war) under certain circumstances

racial relations

bodily before spiritual needs