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An astronomer famous for his love poems (1123-?).
Omar Khayyam
Muslims pray ______ times a day.
One of the first cartographers who prepared an Atlas of the world for King Roger II (1100-1166).
The great center of wisdom in the West.
Cordoba (Spain)
An 'Arabic' numeral introduced to the West in the 12th century and made possible the beginnings of European mathematics.
The Zero (0)
The House of God in Mecca.
The Ka'bah
The Four Schools of Law.
Hanafi School
Maliki School
Shafi' School
Hanbali School
The person who leads the prayer.
Where the Imam stands to preach on Fridays.
Minbar or pulpit
People who follow Islam.
Very famous architect renowned for the Sulaymaniyya complex in Istanbul (1491-?).
The greatest physician of the medieval world (865-952)
Ar-Razi (known in Latin as Rhazes)
The way of the Prophet.
The five pillars of Islam.
Witness of one God (Shahadah)
Prayer (Salat)
Alms (Zakat)
Fasting (Sawm)
Pilgrimage (Hajj)
Father of the sciences of anthropology and economics, and famous historiographer (1332-1406).
Ibn Khaldoon
The Persian doctor known as "the Prince of Physicians"
Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
The Arabic word for 'God'.
Famous and one of the first philosophers and rational thinkers (1126-1198).
Ibn Rushd (known in the West as Averroes)
The Arab people had a passion for _______________ .
First Arab alchemist and known in the West as 'Geber', 'King of the Arabs'.
Jabir bin Hunayn
The Last Prophet according to Islam.
The Holy City of Islam is called _______________ .
The Holy Book of Islam.
The Holy Qur'an
Mecca is located in ________ .
Saudi Arabia
Inventor of the viol and developer of the Babylonian instrument (870-950).
The meaning of the word 'ISLAM'.
Submission to God.
Built one of the finest observatories in Islamic history (1420-1437).
Ulugh Beg, grandson of the Mongolian king Timurlane
Famous sufi poet, loved worldwide (1207-1273).
Jalal ud-Din Rumi
Spanish Islamic scholar and author of a famous medical encyclopedia.
One of the earliest Sufis in Islam was a woman from Basra (801-?)
Rabi'a al-Adawiyya