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Prophet of Islam
Tribe, holders of deeper Arabic values
caravan town, birthplace of Islam
Arabic for "cube", sanctuary of peace, made Mecca successful in trade
built Ka'ba
"The Trusted One"; nickname of Muhammad
Kur'an (Qur'an)
Holy Book of Islam, revealed orally, ethical and social guidelines
mentor, first convert, wife, had own business
Yathrib or Madina
"City of Prophet", safe refuge of Muhammad's people, true beginnings of Islam (hijra), place where Muhammad received revelation concerning which way to face during prayer
Ahl a-kitab
people of the book
pilgrimage, sacred pilgrimage, central feature of Islam, unity, equality
"City of Wealth", pride of Islam in new age, scholars made it the "jewel of the world", center of learning
House of Wisdom
center of scholarship, first international scientific venture, assimilated all knowledge that became available in West
When was the Prophet born?
570 AD in the Arabian Peninsula
What are the characteristics to the culture and the society to which Muhammad was born?
savage scarcity, tribal war
What was his family background?
parents sent him to Bedouin peoples, both parents died by the time he was 6
Do you think his years as an orphan made an impact on the prophet's life? How so?
Yes. passionate, developed concern, for those 'left out' of society; he was adaptable, made him a 'child of everybody'
Why do you think it was difficult for people to believe in Muhammad at first?
Didn't have miracles
According to the documentary, what are the most important characteristics of the Prophet's message?
Divine unity, one God, one people= no tribal difference
How and why did the prophet come to Madina?
traveled by caravan, to act as mediators for tribes
What does Hijra mean? When did it happen?
Journey, 622 AD
When did the Muslims take Mecca?
630 AD
Why was Muhammad so successful? How would you explain the success and the miraculous expansion of Islam?
alignment of history, personality and conviction

throughout peninsula and beyond
-people were fed up with previous regimes
-allowed conquered to maintain their religious structures
What happened after Prophet died?
632 AD 11th year of calendar

Medina fell into despair

didn't want people to worship his grave

death set up crisis, problem of succession

unifying power of One God, One People, bound by a common faith