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According to the book, which of the following cannot be said to contribute to India's Diversity?
It has great regional dietary differences.
One early Russian chronicle reports that Vladmir 1 chose Orthodox Christianity over Islam because
he knew that Islam forbade alcohol consumption.
Which of the following is not one of the ways that Confucian philosophy attempts to create societal harmony?
By emphasizing individual freedom.
Although Minoan writing is undeciphered, Minoan artifacts indicate that
they had widespread trade connections
What military technologies did the Silk Road spread?
chariot warfare, mounted bowman, stirrup.
Among Byzantine cultural acheivments are
their architectural tradition and cyrillic writing.
After the seventh centurry, Byzantine women
won increased rights to property and inheritance.
Which of the following were not among the impressive navigational skills developed by the Malay people?
the astrolab
Though Greek sources depict Persian women as political pawns, recent findings suggest that Persian women of the elite class
owned property and had political influence
Umayyad Spain developed a distinctive Islamic culture because of the
blending of Roman Germanic Jewish Arab and Berber traditions
The Phoenician alphabet writing system was a great gift to Greece because
it allowed for widespread literacy without years of study.
The sixth century 'plague of Justinian' was
an outbreak of the bubonic plague during justinians rule
The Greek Dark age was a period of
poverty, isolation, and depopulation.
Schisms, the foremost threat to the Christian church in the Middle Ages, were
formal divisions over differences in doctrine
Coins were significant in all of the following ways except
they were used to pay the professional soldiers.
Which of the following has not been a factor in India's habitual political fragmentation historically?
competition between different claimants for political power.
The father of history in western tradition is
The habit of the Hindu pilgramage is most important because it promotes
contact, exchanges of ideas, and a broad Hindu identity.
A Greek population explosion led to
the colonization of North africa, sicily, southern italy, and the black sea region
Although Greece is described as 'resource poor' in the chapter, it economically prospered
through access to foreign resources, markets, and ideas.
One difference between Indian Ocean and Mediterranean seafaring was that
Mediterranean seamen rarely sailed far from shore.
Muhammad's teachings seem to be in agreement with
Judaism and Christianity.
Your book contends that which of the following theories for the development of Trans Saharan trade routes is most plausible?
camel domestication
The growth of settled agricultural communities resulted in
trade and craft specializations
The mariners involved in the Indian Ocean trade were
a multilingual and multiethnic group
The class and caste systems in India were connected to
a widespread belief in reincarnation
In Keivan Russia, power derived from
One of the most important contributions made by Gupta intellectuals was the
concept of zero
The Indian Ocean maritime system forged economic and social ties between
East Africa, Arabia, India, China, and Southeast Asia
Early Greek cultural unity can best be explained by
extensice contacts and commerce between kingdoms
Sub Saharan Africa's cultural unity emanated from
people who once occupied the sub Saharan region.
WHich of the following is not an example of a borad common element underlying African life and culture?
a common language
The Chinese political system which relied primarily on strict laws and punishments in order to compel the people to behave is called
The Vedic Age was a new historical period in India marked by
the dominance of Indo-Europeans over India
The most important African network of cultural exchange can be described as
mainly internal folk migrations within sub saharan africa
Which of the following about Muslim women is not true
they often played a role in public life
Which of the following is not one of the reasons that the Assyrians were able to conquer vast territories
they had accomplished and wily diplomats
Which of the following areas was not brought under Muslim control under the leadership of the caliphs
eastern europe
Darius used art and sculpture to carefully craft a vision of a vast empire where
all the subject peoples willingly cooperated
Which of the following is not an element of the Hindu religion
the denial of the existence of the soul
The Silk Road was a trade route connecting
China & the Middle East
The Archaic Greek development of humanism, a lasting feature of Western Civilization, was
a valuing of the uniqueness, rights, and talents of individuals
In the 7th century, the Byzantines experienced an economic transformation similar to, though less pronounced than, Western Europe. This was evidenced by all the following except
The rapid growth of the merchant class
Muslim religious practice is based on the
5 Pillars
By the end of the 12th century, the Byzantine Empire had lost a great deal of territory to
Muslim Invaders from the Arabian Peninsula
The decline of the Umayyad dynasty was due to
growing unrest among non Arab Muslims who demanded access to political power.
Which of the following statements is not true about Arab armies in their empire?
They wanted to convert as many people as possible to Islam
Which of the following is not generally considered to be an attribute of civilization?
the absence of social class divisions
Early Greek communities such as Mycenae, Thebes, and Pylos were organized around
monumental building complexes on fortified hilltops.
The division of the Muslim community grew because some believed that
Ali was the legitimate religious leader after Muhammad