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Islam: Origins
1. Islam begins w/ Adam & Eve
2. Follows the line Hebraic prophets
3. Mohammad as the seal of the prophets
1. comes from the Arabic word for peace: silm
2. Literal translation "to submit peacefully"
3.A muslim is one that submits to God
4. Peace is necessary to enter paradise
Themes in the Quar'an(Monothesim)
1. Characteristics of Allah
2. Relationship to Allah (submission to Allah)
3. Last judgement: paradise in hell
4. Prophets & revelation
5. Social law & reform
6. War
7. Accountability
Mohammad's miracle (the qur'an)
1. 114 chapters of Shrahs begins w/the Fatihah (opening)
2. Goes from longest to shortest
3. Three divisions: Meccan, intermediary, Medinian
4. tansmitted Orally, completed in 650 CE
The Fatihah
1. Summary of man's relationship to Allah
2. Need for contemplation & prayer
3. Importance of praise
4. Petition Allah for help
1. Examples of the prophets
2. Recorded in books known as Hadith (tradition)
3. 3 reputable collections each containing 1,000's of Hadith
4. Matn: Text & Isnad: Chain
5. Shi'a only except Hadith from the house of the prophet
1. Any who denieth a law, his angels, his books, his messangers and the day of judgement hath gone far, far astray. Surah 4:13
2. A law
3. Prophets
4. Revelation
1. Born in Mecca 570 CE
2. Married @ age 25 to Kahadija
3. Merchant by trade, illiterate
4. Received 1st revelation in 610 CE @ age 40 from Gabriel until death
5. Migrated to Yathrib in 622 CE, begins the Muslim calander
6. Series of Miltary campaigns (3 wars in 4 yrs)
7. Died in Medina 632 CE
1. Say: "He is Allah, the one and only, Allah, the eternal, absolute, he begetteth not, nor is he begotten; & there is none unlike unto him
2. Arabic word for God
3. Can not be made plural
4. Denotes Monothesim: Againist Idolotry & images. Allah is a non human being
5. 99 names or attributes. Primary characteristics are mercy and Justice
Supernatural beings
1. Angels (Diff types, recorders)
2. Demons (Satan, Ibils)
3. Jinn
1. over 124,000 & 313 messangers
2. 25 mentioned in Qur'an
3. Role of prophets: to inform & maintain morality
1. Qur'an- Mohammaed
2. gospels- Jesus
3. Torrah- Moses
4. Psalms- David
5. Scrolls- Abraham
6. Scrolls of Noah
The 5 pillars
I. Shahada
II. Prayer
III. Charity (Zakat)
IV. Fasting (Sawm)
V. Hajj (pilgramige to Mecca)
I. Shahada
1. No God but Allah & Mohammad is his messanger
2. confession of faith
3. Initiation Rite
4. Emphasis of Muhammad is contextual
5. Repitition of regulated prayer w/ sincerity
II. Prayer
1. Salat: Regulated obligation
2. 5 times a day
3. Pray anywhere, preferably in Mosque, & must face Mecca
4. Ablution (Wudu)
5. An audience w/ God: Allah Akbar, God is great
6. Remember the Creator, best form of worship
7. Du'a: Spontaneous prayer
III. Charity (Zakat)
1. Obligatory & specific
2. 2.5 % of what remains after a year's worth of bills and debt
3. Wealth is a gift from god & is held in trust
4. To support those in community
5. To purify property & heart of contributor
IV. Fasting (Sawm)
1. During 9th month of Islamic calander
2. Dawn till dusk: Crescent to new moon
3. No food or water, break w/ a modest meal
4. Must make up days missed by giving food or fasting in another month
5. Month in which the Qur'an was revealed
6. Eid al-fitr: 1 of 2 Holidays
V. Hojj (pilgramige to mecca)
1. Abraham established rites, Muhammad revived them
2. Takes place in the 12 month
3. Every Muslim once in their life
4. Commemoration of the Patriarch
5. Peace is a dominant theme w/ all
6. center is the Ka'aba, the 1st temple dedicated to God
7. Eid al-adha: 2nd Muslim holiday