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What does the word Islam mean?
What does the word Islam come from?
A word that means peace
What sect of Islam makes up 85% of the World's Muslim population?
What does Allah mean in Arabic?
What do Muslims consider Jesus to be?
a divinely inspired prophet
do Muslims believe Jesus is the son of God
How does the Koran differ from the Bible?
In the crucifixation and the ressurection of Jesus. Instead God lifted Jesus to heaven so that he wasn't crucified
Judism, Christianity and Islam all claim a common patriarch wh is?
Issac becomes the father of who?
The tribes of Israel
Ishmael was taken where?
The wilderness and abandoned
What did Muhammad start experiencing at age 40?
What angel apperead to Muhammed?
What was the revelation that Muhammad received?
That the Koran was the central miracle of Islam
What does Koran mean?
How many pillars of faith are there in Islam?
What are the 5 pillars of faith?
Single God, prayer, charity, fasting and pilgram.
When did Muhammad die?
632 AD
Who were exempt from forced conversions?
Jews and Christians
How much of their income do Muslims give to Charity?
Where do the Shihites believe the leaders should come from?
The believe the should be decended from Muhammad.
Bahgdahad was the center of Islamic ____
Learning poetry and calligraphy
Architecture and engineering
Where did the number system come from?
The Arabic world
Islam achieved distinction in the study and practice of
Early Muslims practiced on medical procedures such as
surgical techniques
What is the journey to Mecca known as?
What is the journey to Mecca known as?
When did Muslims from North Africa land at the Iberian Pennisula
711 AD
When did Grenada fall to the Christians?
1492 AD
The Moghuls empire made up how much of the world's population?
Where was the Songhai Empire?
What does the term Harem mean?
The Holy Koran states that Muslim men can have more than one what?
wife, but they must be treated fairly
The Koran requires what of male and females?
One of the goals of the Koran were to
_______________ negative practices againist women and to let them own
eliminate and let women own land
The Koran gave women the right to vote when?
1300 years before western society